indian army attacked innocent kashmiris

published 4/25/2012 9:14:00 PM


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  • vikvakil vikvakil on 4/24 @ 6:12 PM:
    Dear inamsa, thank you for your concerns and comments. My offer for marriage was in all sincerity, and it is NOT, I repeat NOT about so-call
  • testtesttest testtesttest on 4/23 @ 11:57 PM:
    Kashmir is Indira Gandhi’s mistake: Prem Shankar Jha ‘Elections rigged by State governments not by GoI’ V1-InterviewPrem Shankar Jha, the a
  • inamsa inamsa on 4/23 @ 1:43 AM:
    Mr Pandit Ji. there must be lot of orphans girls in your community .we Kashmir Muslims have big heart to marry them , and bring them GAR WAP
  • vikvakil vikvakil on 4/21 @ 5:52 PM:
    Dear Sir (Mr. Suhail's father) -- my sincere condolences for your loss. I am willing to marry your four daughters (whichever are of marriage
  • inamsa inamsa on 4/19 @ 4:31 AM:
    Hafiz pledges support to Kashmiris M ZULQUERNAIN Lahore, Apr 18: Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed has pledged full support to the Kashmiris