indian army attacked innocent kashmiris

published 4/25/2012 9:14:00 PM


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  • Arunwanchoo Arunwanchoo on 1/9 @ 1:46 PM:
    Looking at the events it reminds me of old saying that Kashmiris are simple & honest by heart , Just like a Simple OX they follow any one wh
  • testtesttest testtesttest on 1/5 @ 11:38 PM:
    Address Kashmir issue to avert nuclear holocaust: by Azam Inqilabi,while castigating and lambasting UNO over its failure in facilitating the
  • hamida hamida on 1/1 @ 9:14 PM:
    KASHMIR: Holding the Head High.People resist as long as they are people; Kashmir too has a people's KHALID BASHIR AHMAD. Resistance in Kas
  • Mazloom Mazloom on 12/20 @ 5:42 AM:
    Mr. vishalkoshur you call India a democracy with butcher of Ahmadabad heading the despotic country. your India with brutal and inhumane occu
  • avantgarde avantgarde on 12/10 @ 10:33 AM:
    Your so called democratic election process is held under highest level of Military might, In what manner you call it democratic? As stated