indian army attacked innocent kashmiris

published 4/25/2012 9:14:00 PM


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  • javeed javeed on 5/26 @ 12:06 AM:
    Politics on my right to travel: Geelani We have to understand that despite being signatory to UN resolutions on Kashmir, since 1947 India ha
  • vikvakil vikvakil on 5/25 @ 8:48 PM:
    Each and every one of you, esp this PIG Geelani and this PIG of an author ZG Muhammad indeed deserve a 'Passport' -- and a ONE-WAY passport
  • inamsa inamsa on 5/20 @ 3:53 AM:
    To all those commentators here criticizing the documentary. Those civilians are being systematically tortured, raped and abused. This has no
  • Kalrav Kalrav on 5/14 @ 4:11 AM:
    do we get the results?
  • vikvakil vikvakil on 5/12 @ 6:05 PM:
    So! Exactly WHAT is the point of this idiotic article? WHAT is the relevance of it in the PRESENT context? ...I am sure even ALLAH (SWT) ha