indian army attacked innocent kashmiris

published 4/25/2012 9:14:00 PM


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  • vishalkoshur vishalkoshur on 10/27 @ 7:55 AM:
    Every time separatists have many excuses about election in JAMMU KASHMIR without any valid reason they try to boycott Democratic process in
  • srkartha srkartha on 10/27 @ 6:11 AM:
    i thought it was an anti indian site but happy to see the comments were posted by pro indians this shows pakistan is failing in this front a
  • dharma dharma on 10/19 @ 5:15 PM:
    can i see the image of hanged person
  • testtesttest testtesttest on 10/1 @ 1:43 AM:
    Candle Light Vigil of Kashmiri American at the White House. “The presence of hundreds of Americans of Kashmiri heritage in front of the Whit
  • vikvakil vikvakil on 9/30 @ 9:28 AM:
    A deluge of "lies, politicking and bias" -- yes indeed, especially by the likes of intellectual anti-Indian perverts like Anuradha Bhasin Ja