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indian army attacked innocent kashmiris

published 4/25/2012 9:14:00 PM


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  • vikvakil vikvakil on 2/28 @ 4:36 PM:
    Mr muzaffar, thanks for your question. My family was not in Srinagar at that time so by God's grace we were saved from from the rampaging ga
  • muzaffar muzaffar on 2/28 @ 5:15 AM:
    Mr Vivakil,Is it true your family was not teated well by JKLF Militants in 1990,before jugmohan adviced them to leave valley?
  • vikvakil vikvakil on 2/27 @ 7:59 PM:
    Can't believe that this Yasin Malik was once upon a time a so-called 'Brave Mujahid' (on the lines of Omar Mukhtar of Libya) etc etc... he h
  • vikvakil vikvakil on 2/25 @ 9:12 AM:
    Mr. Mazloom, what are you ranting about 'poverty' or 'poor people' or something going on in East or Central India -- Exactly WHAT has that t
  • Mazloom Mazloom on 2/25 @ 5:04 AM:
    Mr. vikvakil you really are an ignorant man. You have no clue as to what poverty means and how poor people live. Do you know India has the l