A flunkey’s verdict Even when police is hesitant to blame

Any situation India finds herself deeply stuck in and wriggles hard to come out of it, it banks on pr-Indian Kashmiri leadership to bail it out.eversimce Indian troops landed in Srinagar and occupied Kashmir these people helped India consolidate its position in Kashmir. Against the aspirations of Kashmiri people they helped India politically, diplomatically and in every other means. They endorsed accession and helped India to strip Kashmir off its autonomous character. Wearing democratic masks they pooled al their efforts in strengthening ropes of subjugation. As India was gasping for giving a semblance of democratic face to its otherwise military rule in Kashmir in 1996, these stooges came bending and crawling. And when in 2008 entire Kashmir roared in millions demanding nothing but Aazadi, they, at the behest of New Delhi, presented a democratic farce in a place stained with blood of innocent youth. In short, these trusted lackeys of Darbar are here to safeguard and perpetuate the ‘national interests’ of India.

            The brutal manner in which the four youth (one believed to be a non-local Biharee laborer) were murdered in Shopian last week by Indian forces is grim reminder of how blood of Kashmiris fetches cheap here and how intoxicated the forces are in treating every Kashmiri an enemy and a hate target.

            As usual the killer cops at Gaggran Camp branded the murdered youth as ‘terrorists’, who ‘attacked’ the camp. JK police too followed the same line describing two youth as ‘militants’. But as people refused to buy the forces’ version and protests followed the police too conceded that all the three local youths ‘had no militancy connection’ and they were innocent people. About the fourth slain youth, which locals identified as ‘Biharee laborer’, the police says it is verifying his whereabouts and is in touch with ‘counterparts in Bihar for identification’. While police is yet to brand the slain Biharee as a ‘dreaded militant’, one of the Indian stooges, Taj Mohiudin, the senior Congress leader and minister for Medical education jumped the gun and described the killed Biharee ‘a Lashkar militant who was involved in a number of killings’. He claimed that police have ‘ample proof to prove that he is not a Biharee laborer but a dreaded Lashkar militant, Haroon, in whose possession police have recovered a mobile phone along with SIM card which shows that slain youth was in touch with Lashkar outfit’. (GK: Sep !6, 201)

            This blame on the deceased by trusted flunkey of Darbar gives us a feel how willfully they are besotted with in proving themselves as more loyal to the Darbar than the Emperor himself. Here Director General of JK Police Ashok Prasad is hesitant to officially label the slain Biharee laborer as ‘dreaded Lashkar militant’ but Taj is marveling at his Eureka moment. And in doing that he walks off his tub naked to please his masters in New Delhi. If police have had convincing proof about the unidentified laborer being a ‘dreaded Lashkar militant’ why would have they bothered to make contacts with their ‘counterparts in Bihar’? Why would have the DGP Kashmir paraded the Biharee laborers working in Shopian?  Why would have been they ambiguous?

            Taj Mohiduin’s statement is completely synchronous with the xenophobic and communalist attitude of Indian media. It seems Congress leader was here to lend credibility to what the news channels from Delhi and Defence Spokesperson of Indian forces were propagating for.

            Reading in between the lines, Taj’s statement justified the killing of three Kashmiri youth. He advocated the version of Indian forces and tried to disprove the eyewitness account of the people who were present at the scene or knew the Biharee laborer.

            Having pawned their conscience at Darbar, one cannot expect anything different from Indian stooges like Taj Mohiudin. Given the option of choosing between principle and chair, these Trojan Horses of Delhi have always preferred the latter.