A grand show of hypocrisy

Everybody claims J&K to be one entity. But the treatment majority community is getting is known to all. Some people in the minority community, that dominates few district of Jammu province, have always been curious to persuade rulers in New Delhi that they are being victimized in the only Muslim dominated state. The ongoing resistance movement for resolution of Kashmir dispute has not only emboldened the minority community to spew venom against Kashmiris but has made it a priority for New Delhi to allow the fringe elements of minority community to cross the redline always. Though Kashmiri leadership cannot be exonerated for not ensuring to make everybody understand that J&K is a political dispute not religious issue, New Delhi, to cover up its weak stand on international forums and to raise emotions within Indians, left no stone unturned to prove that Kashmiris are fighting for Islamisation.

People hailing from Hindu community in Jammu province and elsewhere know better than anyone that Kashmiris are not seeking a resolution on religious lines, but unfortunately they strengthen the perception of India being under threat of Islamic radicalization in Kashmir. The harsh truth is they communalize the issue. This volcanic situation has made the state administration especially police like a hostage to the minority community. No doubt each official of the state administration has to be neutral, unbiased and loyal to none except his profession, but the situation has forced the Muslim officers of state police and civil administration to become more loyal than the king.

They often make life of the majority community hell, even against the voice of their inner conscience. What was witnessed in the two provinces few day back on 11th April has unmasked the ugly face of Delhi controlled state administration. While in Kashmir four unarmed civilians were ruthlessly killed by bullets of soldiers in Kulgam and hundreds were injured with pallets and bullets protesting against these killings, not only criminals, fringe elements, Hindu radicals but the lawyers believed to be icons of justice were holding Indian tri-color to defend the perpetrators who committed that hoorible crime in. The basic question that the administration and the Hindu community need to answer is that had the victim been a Hindu child and accused a Muslim, what would have been their response!

It took the so called national media, three months to wake up from the deep slumber and conduct debates over the incident. Let the police answer if they justify every atrocity in Kashmir, what prevents them from using so called non-lethal weapons to stop criminals from disgracing and dishonoring tri-color on the streets of Jammu. Neither the tri-color nor Hindu religion needs to be dragged in fighting a battle against the victims. The J&K police, especially the officers from majority community almost on daily basis have been doing worst to their own people but they justify the misdeeds. None can deny that the local cops work in a difficult environment but the other side of the story reveals that local police officers in order to prove their loyalty to a state which is losing its secular character forget everything, including their legal and moral duties towards their people. One an quote hundreds of incidents to prove that J&K police is helpless when it deals with even little issues in Jammu, but becomes arrogant in Kashmir. Facts and figures do reveal that getting justice even in small issues is like conquering Himalaya for Jammu Muslims. Let it be left to the conscience of J&K Police why not call it Jammu Police rather J&K police.

The mainstream regional political parties have further lowered the morale of majority community as not only they failed to show desired response, once Kuthua incident took place. While politicians had to act and create headlines, how unfortunate that in J&K PDP thanks media for covering the story. PDP should have sacked the two ministers same day when they attended rally of Hindu Ekta Manch, but like other parties PDP belongs to Delhi. Omer Abdullah followed and thanked PM Modi, but for what? Did Modi Ji do any special favor to the victim, by making a casual commit after three months. Rather than asking PM to explain why it took him three long months to speak over such a heinous crime, Omer Abdullah continued with his appeasement politics. By going into hibernation not only the central Govt.

has exposed itself. The world community and the people of Indian must ask the state how could the shameful gang rape of Kunan Poshpora be down played by relating it with the morale of security forces. Defending gang rapes by quoting verses of dirty book called AFSPA has exposed India’s commitment towards women’s rights and the claim of calling J&K its crown. Shedding crocodile tears for the Kathua victim but keeping mum on war crimes like rape against Kashmiris has already destroyed India’s image worldwide. Let India give up hypocrisy, and fulfil its duties. Otherwise the souls of ill fated Kashmiri daughters will haunt India.