Academic Suffocation in KU

academic suffocation in KU

                this Henry Ford obsession of "one black colour" can delude no one

                for the last three years the Indian Establishment is doing everything possible to Indianize the highest learning seat in Kashmir. In a neo-convert zeal it has , in connivance with NC-led coalition sarkar, turned kashmir university into a hub for promoting Indian mainstream political activities. Vice president of ruling Congress government at Delhi , Rahul Ghandi and some other Congress ministers have been frequently visiting the university and interacting with selected group of students and academics. Their endeavours have catapulted in forming  Congress-backed student’s wing, the National Students Union of India. The selected students and some faculty members are bribed to pawn their conscience and act as the conduits of New Delhi. The purpose is to suck the Azadi-loving students into Indian fold offering baits and money. With that foothold in the campus, the Establishment aim to use the hired students as a counter-balancing force to pit them aganist majority voice showcase its representative character.  The patronage has so much emboldened the planted branch of NSUI that it last week beat up a University canteen waiter to pulp. This hooliganism is not accounted for as Sultans in Delhi are at their back.

                despiote KU having its own anthem, the national anthem of India is played during the official function and the students are forced to stand up. On many such occasions the students have defied the orders and have remained glued to their seats conveying their strong displeasure. The authoriites are trying to leash them through ‘disciplinary action’. Revenge attitude, one can call it.

                The height of chocking the intellectual activities have reached to  bizzare proportions. students are not allowed to discuss Kashmir issue. They cannot do research on genesis of kashmir problem and the sufferings of kahsmiri people, the toll the dispute has taken on the psyche of kashmiris and the magnitute of the trauma they (in particular women and children) have undergone through, although in present geo-political scenario Kashmir has attained a global attention.

                recently on December 10, 2013, when people across the world were observing Human Rights Day, in a seminar some scholars, researchers and students voiced strong anger aganist KU authorities at the denial of acdemic freedom. Scholars mostly from department of social sciences and languages narrtaed their was about their being forced to change their findings and bring them at par with Indian discourse and coopt them with its "cultural" requirements. thus they are being coerced for ‘in-box’ intellectualism. One M. Phil scholar accused authorities for subjecting him to trauma for the three years as he refused to tailor his thesis to their politicised wishes. Left farlorn and dispirited, he unwillingly did he  was ordered for. This acdemic suffocation is ruining the talented students and scholars. They are forced to corrupt their minds. This plug on the genuine and magnificientt work of scholarship is stinking the academics in prized institution. A sort of political society is thus being created with the collaboration of some faculty members of the KU to craft the narrative in total disregard of historical realities.

                It is strange and reflects a sad commentary on the ‘intellectual’behaviour of the authorities. while kashmir issue is being discussed in Delhi University, Jamia Milia Islamia, JNU, and seminars on ‘Kashmir dispute’ are held there , and documentaries narrating sufferings and mental agonies are released, even in the varisities across the globe such activities  do happen; why kashmir students can be banned in discussuing theri own issue where they study?  Why cannot they  be allowed to unearth the facts from the avalanches of deciet? Why can they be barred from traversing through the blood-scarlet pages of collective pain? You come 600 kms away to create NSUI. how this adventurism is in line with the complete ban on any student activity in the campus? Why here students are not allowed to form their own Students Union. Why this discrimination?

                Such moves at politicizing education in KU are counter productive. World cannot be blind-folded by presenting Kahmir through the lens of deciet. This Henry Ford obsession of "one black colour" aimed to convert varsity into an extension of Darbar at the cost of academic freedom will delude no one. It canot wean kashmiri youth away from political aspirations. They are color fixated in their articulation.