After LeT, Hizb says forces compel families to appeal militants to return home

After militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Hizbul Mujahideen has also accused forces of compelling families of militants “to make appeals on social media, urging militants to shun the path of militancy and return home”.
Hizb’s operational chief Reyaz Naikoo’s latest voice-message, circulated on mobile multimedia messaging application Whatsapp, seems to aim at stopping families of militants from making passionate appeals to their sons to bid farewell to militancy.
Around five families of militants have made passionate appeals—narrating different ordeals—to give-up arms and return back to their families after ace—footballer turned militant, Majid Irshad of Anantang made a dramatic return on Nov 18 after his mother’s passionate appeal to him to return home went viral on social media.
“As you know since Majid has gone back home, the forces are visiting houses of our new associates and compel the families to make passionate video-appeals—asking their sons be return. Forces, through media, want to show to the world that militants were forcing Kashmiri youth to pick up the gun. Forces tell militant families that they have sympathy with their sons and ask families to call their sons back as they would not be dealt harshly and would be provided employment,” Naiko said in a 7:25-minute audio message, which is making rounds on Whatsapp.
Speaking to mothers of militants, Naikoo said India was neither sympathetic towards (Kashmiri) mothers nor concerned towards Kashmiri youth.
“Had India been sympathetic towards our mothers and sisters, the Kunan Poshpora mass rape like incidents would not have happened. If India needed and would have any concern towards Kashmiri youth, then it would not have killed, blinded and innocent youths would not have been lying in jails,” said the militant commander.
The reality was India aims to “crush the struggle in Kashmir” and was testing its “new propaganda” on daily basis, Naikoo said in audio.
“India’s this conspiracy will rust. India wants to kill the struggle but it will rise”
Stating that militants were not forcing youth to join militancy nor let do the cadre stay with militants by force, he said.
“Whoever joins militancy comes on own will. Not only this we make youth, those who join us, understand about the sacrifice they would have to give. We don’t make youth active by seeing his emotions. But we also check new entrants awareness alongside emotions,” Naikoo said, adding, “The outfit was not short of cadre and thousands were willing to join them.”
Maintaining that militants respect the pain, emotions and love of mothers, Hizb commander said: “We understand a mother’s love towards his son.”
“But, our religion teaches us that we should love God and Prophet than a mother. We want to tell our mothers that if we can’t sacrifice our life for religion, then who would we ask to fight, who would fight for Islam, if militants don’t separate from our parents? We have to fight for our religion. We have to shed our blood for freedom which doesn’t come by just emotions and thoughts,” Naikoo said in audio.
He said footballer Majid was permitted to return not only because his mother “wanted him back” but he himself wanted to return home.
“We don’t let anyone go back on anyone’s appeal. Only Majid has left militancy and returned home. Rest, neither any mother wants his son back not is any militant interested to return,” he said.
Hizb commander said that militants were informed by their mothers that they were “compelled by forces to make appeal-videos”.
Naikoo asked the militant families to make appeal video without any hesitation if “forces compel them” as these videos “won’t matter to militants”.
“We didn’t pick up gun on anyone’s suggestion and we will not leave the gun on anyone’s request,” he said and added, “The struggle will not die till the occupation comes to an end.”
Earlier, LeT had issued a similar statement after police claimed that second youth, Nasir Ahmad returned to his family “on his own” in Chimmer, Kulgam following her mother’s request. Although top army officer had said that no charges would be pressed against Majid, he and Ahmad, however, are yet to reunite with their respective families.
Director General of Police, Shesh Paul Vaid had appealed all other mothers of militants to make appeals to their “militant-sons” to shun the path of militancy.
On Thursday, parents of 21-year-old Adil Ahmad Bhat, who has joined militancy, travelled 40 kilometres from South Kashmir’s Pulwama and appeared at press enclave in Srinagar to make an appeal to Bhat to “ return back to his family.”