Agency-backed religious scholars trying to incite sectarian violence: Mirwaiz

Srinagar, Dec 6:
Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Wednesday said that there was a need for “unity” among religious scholars whom he accused of trying to incite sectarian violence in Kashmir.

“A number of delegations from different parts of Kashmir, especially south Kashmir visited me and showed concern about the hate speeches being preached on mosque pulpits to set Kashmir on fire,” Mirwaiz said at a Seerat conference organized by Awami Action Committee (AAC).

JKLF chairman, Yasin Malik, senior Hurriyat leader and Shia cleric , Moulana Abbas Ansari, also spoke at the Seerat conference. Mirwaiz said the reports they are receiving from across Kashmir are “quite disappointing as religious preachers are promoting hate.”

“Speeches and counter speeches are delivered by ulema to create communal divide. Some ulema do it intentionally as they are backed by agencies while many do it as they lose control,” Mirwaiz said.
He said they have decided to hold a “meeting with all the ulema across Kashmir to talk about this serious issue to prevent sectarian divide.”
“Some religious scholars and ulema are trying to create sectarian divide just because they differ in schools of thought.”
Hurriyat (M) chairman said that “pro-freedom leaders are actually the mainstream leaders and those who call themselves as mainstream are pro-India parties who exploit people in the name of day-to-day issues and problems.’’ “I understand people have day-to-day problems but that is exploited by those who call themselves as mainstream. We are the mainstream. We represent the people of Kashmir,” he said.
Mirwaiz said, “no one is against sincere and result-oriented dialogue, but the dialogue initiated by New Delhi is a deception.”
“New Delhi wants dialogue but maintains that they want to talk about the Kashmir which is under control of Pakistan, which makes it clear that this is a lie and deception.”
He said the “role of common people decides which path and way the freedom movement will take.”
Reiterating need for unity, Mirwaiz without naming any sect, said a particular sect in south Kashmir is trying to label others as committing “Shirk” saying “such incidents are not only disappointing but something that will set Kashmir on fire.”
“We need to stay united at this crucial juncture of the movement as most of the leaders are in jails,” he said. Mirwaiz said the Kashmiri “nation is already under Indian suppression but some ulema are further trying to divide the Muslims here. We need to preach unity and follow teachings of Prophet (SAW).”
Mirwaiz said the Muslims in India are facing “miseries and distress” as they are being killed and targeted in the name of “cow and other issues.”
He said it is the “responsibility of Muslim nations like Pakistan, Saudi and Iran to pull them out of pain.”
Recalling the incident of demolition of Babri Masjid, Mirwaiz said the issue has become the “centre of politics.”
“But it is now more about Ayodhaya and nothing about Masjid. There is no word about the Masjid now. They only talk whether they will go ahead to construct a temple at the place or not.”
Stating that it is the time to go “back to basics”, Mirwaiz appealed the leaders of Muslim world to start a practice to unite Ummah and fight “conspiracies being hatched at international level against Muslims.”
Mirwaiz said the “ongoing freedom movement needs collective unity both at the level of leadership and at the peoples’ level.”
“People need to stay united. Let’s not lose courage and hope. The more they suppress us the more we will resist. History is witness to the fact that no suppression has ended any movement for long,” he added.