AIIMS: Jammu v/s Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir since its origin some politicians for their self interests have always tried to separate people of Jammu region from Kashmir and vice versa and same is the case in present scenario. After the new government formation in both country level and state level people of the state in both sides have lot of expectations on both governments. After analyzing the current needs and problems faced by people of Jammu and Kashmir govt. of india announces two different things for two regions of princely state.

Since AIIMS (All India Institute Of Medical Sciences) is likely be established somewhere in South Kashmir the people from other side of the same state under the banners of some political as well as social organizations have opposed Such Hospital in Kashmir region.

If we look on the other parts of the same state there are parts far from Jammu as well as Kashmir like Leh, Ladakh etc in the 21 century the people especially the youth of this part of state has not even a single university that is why the students prefer Jammu, Kashmir and other parts of the world so that they can complete their Studies, but the question remains their if Kashmir has 5 universities Jammu has 3 then why not a single for Leh Ladakh. And how many times such political, social organizations have put this issue in front of any govt since last 3 decades. 

The other parts including Pounch, Rajori etc are too much in depth but AIIMS is a far thing they even have not a good hospital where they can treat themselves good.

If we look on the geographical area Jammu is just 700 kms far from the AIIMS Dehli but the other parts of the state are more the 1000 Kms far from Dehli.

If we look on the both sides of the state Jammu as compared to Kashmir is good in every aspect like development, health, education and other things but never the cashmeres have oppressed any kind of development as they think Jammu is the part and if there is anything it is also for other regions of the state but from the Jammu side the thinking as well as the other things are totally different when ever Kashmir has get anything from Centre most of times they have oppressed it.

If we go back on recently held elections BJP got 25 seats from Jammu and PDP from Kashmir got 28 seats but the political commentators believe that it is actually the win of Jammu and loss of Kashmir as govt. was formed for the benefits and choice of Jammu more than that of Kashmir.

No doubt Kashmir got an AIIMS after a long time Jammu too got an IIT in 2014 and IIM in 2015, but no one from Kashmir has oppressed it, if we look since the beginning Kashmir has faced lot of crucial things in every aspect; Killings, Rapes, Unknown Graves, Floods, Flu etc then what dab if this time they expect some good things from Government.

The most interesting thing is that the Political Parties having Kashmiri origin including National Conference NC have too opposed the AIIMS in Kashmir, the same political parties have said during election rallies’ that in any condition Kashmir should be on equal level in development in every sector with Jammu but this time they have changed their mood like previous times.

National Conference and Congress have not only opposed the AIIMS in Kashmir but they took their workers from Kashmir so to register their presence and support to a Jammu Band call given by Political and social organizations against the AIIMS in Kashmir. On which MLA Langate Er. Rashid asked National Conference to make its stand clear on AIIMS controversy and tell whether the party stood by Kashmiris or wanted to take Kashmiris for granted yet again to improve its vote bank in Jammu region. Not only Rashid but the youth leader of PDP Waheed ur Rehman para too stated that “Any institution of repute being established in the State is for the larger welfare of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and not any particular region and by giving regional tilt to the issue, NC and Congress are doing no good either to the people or to the State.” 

On the social networking about the AIIMS the reactions over the event on Facebook were numerous; I chooses some of them as under:

“AIIMS for Kashmir and What for Jammu? IIM for Jammu when AIIMS was sanctioned for Kashmir.

Jammu was selectively sanctioned IIT in mid-2014. During last 25 years, the major chunk of budgetary allocations were systematically diverted to Jammu district. In 2002, more than 95% of the Central Industrial Package had gone to the enterprises in two districts of Jammu, which was meant for all the districts of the state. NC and Congress coalition government released over 1000 Crore additional assistance to Jammu and Ladakh deducted from the funds meant for districts of Kashmir. 

Jammu district was reported as the most developed district of J&K against Poonch district as the most underdeveloped district in government’s own district survey report. So why discrimination with Kashmir, we also need an IIM, IIT etc.” Stated a Young Journalist Ayaan Maqsood.

“Since proposed AIIMS is likely be established somewhere in South Kashmir in case of Kashmir and Jammu is also demanding similar AIIMS, let that AIIMS be in Poonch as Poonch is in Jammu.” Journalist Naseer A Ganie stated “People of Jammu can reach to AIIMS Dehli in just 7 hours and people of Kashmir have to travel for 2 days in summer and 7 days in winter and still they want AIIMS in Jammu ho strange and selfish politicians they are.” Journalist Tasaduq Yaseen stated.

So if we look on the whole scenario if the organizations of Jammu have called for Jammu band against the AIIMS in Kashmir the Kashmiri organizations have also warned the govt. the general people of Kashmir have lot of expectations on new govt in developing of Kashmir in every aspect hope the government will solve the prelims of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

(The author is a A common man fighting Status quo, IT student, Blogger, Social Media Activist, Young Writer, Debator and hails from Nazneenpora, village of south Kashmir’s Shopian district. He can be reached at