Ailing Kashmir

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Ailing Kashmir


Jul 24 2018

There has been an alarming increase in hypertension, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases over the years in Kashmir. The experts have ascribed the reasons to sedentary lifestyle, high intake of junk food, adulteration, and lack of exercise. The experts believe that obesity has increased by 400% over the past four decades in Kashmir and has emerged as a major illness. Similarly the diabetic cases have increased manifold across India since 1980 and the unfortunate trend is clearly visible in Kashmir. It has been observed that sedentary lifestyle contributes to fatty liver which can cause massive damage to the vital organ if ignored.

An expert from a reputed hospital of Delhi during his recent visit to Kashmir said hepatitis C, and intake of heavy fat diet were the main reasons for liver failure in Kashmir. Surprised and shocked over the number of liver disease patients in Kashmir, he suggested a liver transplant center at Srinagar. While this needs a serious consideration from the authorities, for the time being the have to fight it out on their own by take preventive measures and of course by doing a little bit of exercise. Kidney related diseases are also on a rise here. Day in and day out poor relatives seek donations for kidney transplant of their sick kith and kin through paid advertisements in local newspapers and in the mosques.

Though people donate generously for such patients but there is need to study the causes of this trend. When the reasons are known then only can the experts address the root cause. While the people have to give up the sedentary lifestyle and work hard for their own health, the government too has to provide the required manpower and infrastructure to the hospitals. Secondly, the food adulteration has to be checked. If adulterated food items are being sold to gullible people, it means the concerned officials are not doing their job properly. They need to be made accountable. They cannot take their job so lightly. And, last but not the least, the people have to wake up, go out in the mornings to inhale some fresh air.