AIP’s Seminar pays tributes to Maqbool and Guru Pledge to fight for innocent Muzaffar

SRINAGAR: Hundreds of people hailing from different walks of life attended today daylong Seminar organized by AIP in Srinagar to commemorate the anniversaries of Late Mohammad Maqbool Bhat and Mohammad Afzal Guru. Seminar was presided over by Aijaz Guru, elder brother of Mohammad Afzal Guru. Speakers pledged that Indian state would not be allowed to hang Muzaffar Rather, one more innocent. Speaking on the occasion noted columnist Aijaz-ul-haq said that India has been selective in capital punishments. He added that Govt of India never answered 13 questions pertaining to parliament attack raised by noted writer Arun Dutti Rai.

He said “Noted writer Harash Mandar in his book has revealed that In Gujrat High Court Narendra Moodi was charge sheeted as accused for his role in Gujrat riots, and the double standards stand exposed as he went unpunished and is holding the highest office in the country. Noted journalist Gowhar Geelani said that the ongoing resistance is not for stopping human rights violations but for political rights including Right to Self Determination.

He said “In 21st Century there is no scope for Capital Punishment, whosoever may be hanged, for whatsoever reasons. Aspirations never die and there is no way to suppress people’s voice”. Deputy grand Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam in his speech said that India has crossed all limits and there is no option but to continue struggle for right to self-determination. He accused that minorities are living like second class citizens in India. Noted columnist and BBC Bureau Chief Reyaz Masroor appealed for a joint strategy to get back mortal remains of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat. He asked Kashmiri Leadership to approach Civil Society and other meaningful forums all across India to explain them the sufferings of people of J&K and significance of resolving Kashmir dispute. High Court Lawyer Baber Qadri alleged that New Delhi is trying to impose view point of majority community, rather following rules of justice.

Qadri appealed that we need to respect all voices, even if we may not subscribe to them. Chairman All Parties Sikh Coordination committee Jagmohan Singh Raina said that Indian state has used capital punishment as a tool to suppress the voice of minorities in India. Mr. Raina said that why couldn’t even a single person be hanged who carried mascaras of Sikhs in Delhi riots and in Kashmir. Renouned economist Shakeel Kalandar appealed justice for all and said that we must condemn all sorts of violence. Renouned Social and political activist Imtiyaz Alam reiterated that nobody can stop Kashmiris from asking for Right to Self Determination, as it is the promise made by Got. Of India to people of J&K. Advocate Noor-ul-Shahbaz in his speech termed Afzal Guru’s and Maqbool Bhat’s hanging as murder of Justice.

Speaking on the occasion, Er. Rasheed said that had hangings been the solution, then one lac. People would never have dared to pick up arms in their hands and the hangings have failed to stop people from owning radical views. Er. Rasheed appealed masses to remain united and not doubt each other. He alleged that New Delhi has forced Kashmiris to take arms in their hands.

Er. Rasheed added that while difference in thinking and working is natural, but we all need to join hands to fulfil the aspirations and sentiments of Kashmiri people.