America attacks Pakistan is frying in the pan of friendship

Pakistan is in a deep crisis. They find themselves embroiled in a war that serves someone else.  They are made to fight to serve the geo-strategic and geo-political interests of the United States. A  war that has taken a heavy toll of Pakistan in terms of loss of human life, economy, resources, environment and has brought the country to the precipice of civil war. Nearly thirty thousand people,  including three thousand Pakistani soldiers and officers have become fodder of live ammunition. Property worth trillions of rupee has gone into the gutter. Despite the colossal damages, the ‘do more’ whip continues to strike and burn the skin of Pakistanis.

 At first it was never {and is not} ‘war  against terrorism’ to which Pakistan was yoked in. no one from  impoverished Afghanis was involved in the WTC attack which ignited Americans to reprisal. Taliban could have been choked in different ways to make a deal on Osama bin ladin or done a Geromino EKIA  the Abotabad way. Before 9/11  Pakistan was immune from terrorist activities. Joining hands with Uncle Sam has, as is by now clear, made Pakistan vulnerable. The most tragic part of its alliance with the US is that despite scripting its loyalty with blood Pakistan was never trusted and its sacrifices never acknowledged.{ Remember the military operation Pak army carried in South Waziratan and the resultant human tragedy of 3 million internally displaced people it has to face. Still the lord of the jungle kept roaring. ‘Do more’} rather every effort was made to wreck country from within. On one hand, Pakistan was maligned ‘not doing enough in restraining Taliban to use its soil to launch attack on American-led NATO forces in Afghanistan, on the other Afghanistan was made breeding ground for forces inimical to Pakistan. Indian consulates were allowed to open up in threatening proportion in cities close to Pakistan border. Baloch rebels were   groomed  in and patronized. Same kind of hospitality was provided to “Taliban” to  implode Pakistan from within. After all who are the forces that are funding, training and arming with deadly sophisticated weapons  these terrorists to carry suicide bombing, attack army posts, even army-headquarters prized Pakistan assets {Naval Base in Karachi} and military intelligence offices?

 Witness the paradox. The neo-imperialist forces can have every ‘right’ to pre-emption – irrespective of the collateral damage to civilian life and property and punching holes of arrogance in pakistan’s sovereignty———-but Pakistan can’t, even be aware of the trail of foot prints across Durand Line of the terrorists attacking Pakistan.

 The latest attack of the  power-intoxicated American-led coalition forces on two Pakistan army border posts in the Mahmund agency comes in the wake of several cross-border incursions into Pakistan from Afghanistan through this summer despite heavy coalition force presence towards the West of the Durand Line. And worth to mention the wave of these incursions took place when Pakistan was  limping to stability and the country was having a sigh of relief as for the past several months a perceptible decline was noticed in terrorist–related activities and bomb blasts. A clear manifestation that America is   not interested in peace returning to the region , rather it wants to stay hold {not withstanding its time line for draw-down of troops}.  The attack clearly demonstrates that US wants to keep Pakistan on the embers of terrorism it provides the bas in occupied Afghanistan.

 It is a canard, as is being dished out shamelessly from American generals, that helicopters were called in by the ground troops in east Kunar when they came under fire from Pakistan side. It was an intended aggression committed on Pakistan and aggression continued over two hours flattening the post  and whipping out the  inmates. ‘Will see’ , was the response of the hubris-driven American commander in Kabul.

 As the entire country  is up in arms and tsunami of anger and hate has swept across, Pakistan’s civil and military leadership has reacted in ordering closure of NATO supply lines running through the country from Karachi into Afghanistan, it asked the US to vacate the Shamsi air base and of late, it has decided to boycott Boun conference scheduled on 5th December. However, that is not enough. It is time Pakistan seriously revisit its co-opting with the US and  judge the  havoc  it created for nations security and interests. Pakistan must stand on its own legs and first requisite of that salvo is it must break its begging bowl and come out of the bind of enslavement. When strings of purse are in the hands of your master, your growling end in only adding noise pollution and evoke sniggers.

 Pakistan establishment must draw a lesson from what Henry Kissinger, former  US secretary of State, has remarked in the context of Vietnam War : ‘it may be dangerous to be America’s enemy but to be America’s friend is fatal’. Of the two, the first choice seems relatively safer {Iranian case} than the latter Pakistan is finding itself frying in.