An Affront To Our Conscience

An ideal democratic ruler adopts the course of stoicism, equanimity and equability for successful altruistic and populistic governance. It is regrettable that Indian democracy is synonymous with hypocrisy. Delhi rulers shorn of prudence, perspicaciousness, sagacity and political acumen− are now feeling jinxed because of the aftermath and repercussions of Afzal Guru’s hanging, which they managed all in jitter and brash authoritarian obtrusion. Kashmiris are still shuddering with shock and trauma. They are wailing and lamenting over the tragic episode of custodial killing of the freedom zealot Afzal Guru.

Delhi chauvinistic and fascistic rulers have yet to await paroxysmal outburst, abreaction and catharsis of pent-up feelings and sentiments of aggrieved and mortified Kashmiris. The brew and stew of inveterate hatred, acrimony, disdain and repugnance against the Indian government is palpable and discernible. Afzal Guru− despite jurisprudential infirmities, conjecture, lacunae and loopholes in his case− became a scapegoat in the theatre of political polarization, self-aggrandizement and hawkish impetuosity of the Indian demagogues whose lust for power enticed them to ignore the vox populi of global intelligentsia and facilitate the hanging of Afzal Guru on Feb. 9, 2013 without a modicum of remorse, compunction and angst.

Indian Leftists, leaders of Indian Muslim confraternity and human rights prominenti− all were taken by surprise. They are feeling aghast over the barbaric act of hanging. They castigated and lambasted their rulers for the dictatorial and tyrannical act of Guru’s execution. They were unanimous while grumbling against the intolerance of the establishment. Afzal Guru was not allowed to defend himself. This is what irks and upsets the conscientious, sagacious and righteous luminaries of Indian civil society.

Indian authorities were rash in making a hash of Afzal Guru’s case. Collective conscience of the dissidents having objective and realistic approach to the issue got bruised and injured. Authors of this heinous act of custodial killing cannot evade and elude culpability. They have to be answerable to those who believe in transparency of judicial justice.

Delhi rulers, as unenviable repositories of macavellian doctrine of deceit in dispensation, left no stone unturned in hoodwinking the world by presenting concocted and fabricated narrative regarding the turmoil in Kashmir. However, it is heartening to know that no sane and sensible person of global civil society felt motivated to buy it.

Leaders of Indian National Congress, while hectically scrambling for sway over Kashmir in 1947, adroitly and dexterously outmaneuvered the leaders of Muslim League. The shrewd and cunning congress politicians succeeded in wooing and co-opting Sheikh Abdullah as a votary of secularism. Sheikh deserted Kashmiris and acted as a prot?g? and surrogate of congress to whet the expansionistic designs of this fascist party. Sheikh’s tergiversation and betrayal marked the beginning of our woeful tale of death and destruction. But for his complaisance and acquiescence Delhi rulers would not have been able to subjugate Kashmir.

Sheikh’s bonhomie and hobnobbing with congress facilitated the Indian invasion and army intrusion into Kashmir. Thus Indian army arrived in Kashmir on Oct. 27, 1947 for ‘ethnic cleansing’. About six lakh Kashmiris were ruthlessly slaughtered and butchered by the ferocious forces of Delhi during the last 65 years. Scourge of the Delhi imperialists was aimed at bullying and coercing Kashmiris into submission. History witnessed gruesome and blood-curdling events of custodial killing, arson, torture and torment, desecration of the holy places of worship, outraging of the modesty of women. In fact Delhi colonialists used all the coercive and repressive methods of authoritarianism and totalitarianism to break the will of Kashmiris to resist. Nevertheless, valiant and resolute Kashmiris, while reposing trust in God Almighty, displayed unprecedented and unparalleled resilience in resistance. They faced trials and tribulations with indomitable ardour and valour. Now indefatigability is the hallmark of Kashmiris resistance warriors. They cannot be vanquished by Delhi imperialists. No conscientious Kashmiri will skull, funk or flit. They will remain steadfast in their struggle for Azadi like proud progenitors of the freedom struggle. Their saga of sacrifices is laudable indeed.

Afzal Guru’s hanging came home to roost; it recoiled and backfired the way hanging of our freedom icon Maqbool Bhat on Feb. 11, 1984 boomeranged and literally triggered off insurgency in Kashmir on July 31, 1998. In the premeditated hanging episode of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru it was the schadenfreude and sadism of the Delhi imperialists which allured and enticed them to tread the path of administrative brinkmanship without visualizing the indispensable fallout of the harsh despotic act with no jurisprudential justification.

Dialectics and jargon used by the people at the helm of affairs to explain the rationale for their dictatorial assertion further confounded the issue and rendered the situation in Kashmir flummoxed and deteriorated. Now Kashmiris feel totally disillusioned and disenchanted with the Indian simulated system of judicial justice. Hallucinatory concept of Indian justice has made every Kashmiri sceptical about the role of Delhi liege lords. And their cynicism is not unwarranted and uncalled for. Swami Agnivesh’s candour is an eye-opener. He maintains that this tragic episode can constrain Kashmiris to revert to brawn-assertion as they did in 1988 to avenge the custodial killing of resistance icon Maqbool Bhat.

Dictatorial mindset of the pseudo-democrats of Delhi has forced him to prophesy and foretell like that. Guru’s hanging has, in fact, added to uncertainty and unpredictability here. Edifying sermons of pacifism cannot assuage the wounded sentiments. No palliative can salve the wounds. Kashmiris feel fidgeted, rankled, vituperated, reviled and pushed to the wall. Afzal Guru’s hanging is, in modest euphemistic expression, an affront to the collective conscience of Kashmiris in particular and Muslim Ummah in general.

Who will pacify the Kashmiri youngsters who are fuming with anger and rancor? The situation in Kashmir is grueling and exacting. No patchwork political process can satiate the injured feelings. Who will remedy the imperialistic obsession and fixation of Delhi rulers who relish our suffering and misery? They are, in fact, vampires cannibals and carnivores whose ravenousness and depredatory demeanour in Kashmir offends, infuriates and inevitably instigates every self-respecting Kashmiri patriot. And their administrative rowdyism, hooliganism and state-terrorism eventually proves a pitfall for them.

Concourse and confluence of resistance leaders of Srinagar and Muzaffarabad for a substantive and tangible resistance strategy has indispensably become prime and paramount; that is a way to redeem and retrieve the traumatized Kashmiris from the vortex and whirlpool of uncertainty and bewilderment. And that is knack-based option to checkmate jink, jingoism, gambit, prevarication, procrastination, temporization and obduracy of 

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