And what about Salva Judums and Koya commandos of Kashmir?

                                In a decision with the far reaching implications the Supreme Court of India , on   July 5,2010 , declared illegal and unconstitutional the deployment of the dreaded Salva Judum. The gun-trotting outfit created by Chhattisgarh government with aid and abetment of the Delhi to fight against what they call Maoist insurgency. The court ordered immediate disarming of the gun-men the authorities named as Special Police Officers.

                The ruling-issued by Justice b. Sudarshen Reddy and S.S. Nijar on a writ petition filed by social anthropologist Professor Nandi Sundar and others-who has passed only the fifth standard and conferring on them the powers of police. The bench directed the Chhattisgarh government ‘to desist’ immediately from using SPOs in any manner or form in any activities, directly or indirectly, aimed at controlling, countering, mitigating or otherwise eliminating Maoist/Naxalite activities. the court asked the government at Raipur and Delhi to provide appropriate security to the SPOs and protect their lives. But at the same time it did not connive at the atrocities SPOs committed on people . the bench directed the state of Chhattisgarh ‘must investigate all the instances of alleged criminal activities of Salva Judum or those popularly known as Koya Commandos’. The bench held the state guilty of violating the rights under Article 14  and 21 of the Constitution of those being employed as SPOs and used in counter-insurgency measures against Maoists/Naxalites ,  as well as of citizens living in those areas.

`               Taking wind off the sails of the “effectiveness” of the force and the “gains” this measure accrues ,the Supreme  Court reject the proposition and holds it damaging to social order. The effectiveness of the force , court says, ‘ought not to be, and cannot be, the sole yardstick to judge constitutional permissibility. whether SPOs have been effective against Maoist/Naxalite activities  in Chhattisgarh would seem to be dubious, if not a debunked, proposition given the  state of affairs in Chhattisgarh. Even if we were to grant, for the sake of argument, that indeed accruing only by the incurrence of a massive loss of fealty to the Constitution, and damage to the social order’.

                Nearly one hundred districts, the media reports say, are affected by Maoist/Naxalites in India, in particular the regions in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Andra Pradesh. Owing to the domineering influence and monopoly on state resources coupled with subjugation of the feudal lords and the neo-corporate the aadi vases, the original inhabitants, find themselves on the receiving side with their survival threatened. The breeding ground for the Maoists and Naxalites to draw into their ranks the poor suppressed class. To crush them the state of Chhattisgarh created private gang of gun-wielding tribesmen and unleashed them on the aadi vases. This is how Salva  Judum or koya Commandos were formed. Armed, trained , funded and directed by the state. The killing fields they enacted were done on the behest of the state authorities built not rather never, owned by her. These unlawful gangsters indulged in all sorts of heinous crimes, murder, rape , extortion, bullying, and at the same time, enjoyed impunity from legal action. Till march 2011, six thousand five hundred SPOs operated in Chhattisgarh and one can imagine the reign of terror they would have leashed on.

                In compliance to the Supreme Court ruling only last week the Chhattisgarh government  disarmed the dreaded Salva Judum and Koya Commandos.

                In light of the landmark decision all those gangster who have been appointed as SPOs in the state of JK or working in Village Defense   Officers, should be forth with disarmed and committees and groups disbanded. World stand testimony toothe mayhem these Sarkaree-bandook-bardars­  government patronized gunmen_ let loose and crimes against humanity they  perpetrate on the hapless unarmed civilian population in our state. Koka Parray,  Papa  kishtawari , Mam Kana and hundreds of others infamous character have etched their names for ever on memory pads of Kashmir for the brutality they committed. The Ikhwanes and cluster of other militant groups Indian Army and intelligence agencies raised  did  in Kashmir what Slava Judum and Koyal Commandis did in Chhattisgarh . In fact the  beastliness outsmarted the latter. And lo and behold , the ‘democratic’ India and its political lackeys in Kashmir including NC, PDP , Congress and Marxists all supported them. One has to remember the “famous” speech of Ikhwan Supreme Kuka Paray he made in legislative assembly when in  1998 brandishing his  footwear {chappal} , he pointed to the ‘honorable elected representatives’ and said: ‘it is because of this you are here’.

                Reacting to the ruling of Supreme Court chief minister  Omer Abdullah who  heads coalition government of  NC and Congress said that the ruling does not apply on state of              JK as the once dreaded state-raised armed groups have since long become part of police. That  “logic’ however, is untenable. In other states where such armed groups were raised they, let it be known , too formed the part of the police. They too have been employed , deployed , sheltered , controlled , directed , armed, trained and funded by police. In Chhattisgarh, Salva Judum and Koya Commandos operated and acted at the behest o f  the Chhattisgarh police, though in liaison with Indian army and intelligence agencies. Exactly what  was done here in Jammu and Kashmir.

                The VDOs have run havoc in Muslim majority areas of Jammu and have not been disarmed. SPOs too are still functioning and under the same nomenclature. The state government should follow on the footsteps of Chhattisgarh government and implement the ruling of the apex court. What is more the government that clamors, day in and day out, that ‘welfare’ of the people holds priority to it should, as Supreme Court directs , investigate all instances of criminal activities the official gun-tooting groups committed against people.

                But as the track-record  of the Indian-mainstream political groups –of whatever ideology they belong to-reveals their be-all and end-all  is power, and power alone. And to remain in power they have to act as errands of Delhi.
                Omer’s frigid response is a manifestation of that approach. Not to speaking of taking steps in direction of starting investigations against Ikhwanees for the crimes they committed in Kashmir, even the constitutional bodies like ARMY, para-military forces here are shielded by draconian laws like AFSPA. however if dignity of people and concern for human rights held pre-eminence  in Kashmir, Omer dispensation should have no  hesitation in bringing the “our” Koya Commandos to book. But alas, he dusted himself off the burden. That shows where his heart rests in peace and satisfaction.