APDP stage sit in after 6 months: Demand whereabouts of disappeared persons

SRINAGAR, Dec 10: On the human rights day today, the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) staged a sit in protest here at Pratap Park Lal Chowk.

The protest was joined by scores of half widows, parents and relatives of youth subjected to enforced disappearances by security forces and govt agencies during past more than two decades of conflict in the state.

The protesting members reiterated that their struggle was going to continue till the whereabouts of their missing children were not revealed.

The chairperson APDP Parveena Ahangar said the monthly sit in was today organised after a gap of six months.

Holding placards and pictures of the missing persons, the members decried the govt apathy vis-a-vis enforced disappearances in the state.

On the occasion, chairperson APDP Parveena Ahangar said the Association was not allowed to hold protest for past six months by the authorities.

She said despite being victimised and oppressed the fight against the injustice will be taken forward till justice was not delivered.

“We organised the sit in after six long months. We will continue to demand whereabouts of our missing children till the last breath of our lives. If security forces picked our children why are they not revealing what they did to them,” Parveena Ahangar said.

She added, “We do not expect any justice from the law here because their job is to prove right wrong and work against justice however that doesnt mean that we shall forget our children.”

Parveena said the APDP condemnes the use of excess force on the people of valley during the current unrest

“Thousands have been seriously injured. Eyes of hundreds of youth have been damaged by the usage of pellet guns by forces. Who is going to bring their eyes back. Who is going to bring back those who were brutally killed by forces during past five months. on human rights day we want to ask the criminal authorities has even a single person tried for human rights violations in valley, ” APDP Chairperson said.

She said APDP was committed to take forward the struggle for justice for the victims of disappeard persons and their families.

Parveena said, “The govt has always ignored the plight of the families of missing persons. However that does not mean we will forget our children. We shall remember them till we are alive.”

On the 10th of every month APDP stage sit in protest to press the demand for locating the whereabouts of the missing persons of the state.

According to reports submitted by various human rights groups, around 10,000 cases of enforced disappearances have been reported from different parts of the state of Jammu and Kashmir since the beginning of the conflict.

The Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons has been consistent in pressing their demands for justice towards the victims of disappearance.