Banning entry of foreign journalists in JK reflects autocratic mindset: Hurriyat (G)

Hurriyat (G) Sunday said prohibiting foreign media and banning their entry in JK testifies “our claim that Indian authorities are perpetrating excesses and it is inoperable step to shield and cover persons in uniform”.
Hurriyat (G) said if authorities feel that they have nothing to conceal, “then New Delhi should not shy away from facing world community over day to day occurrences of incidents of human tragedies and deteriorating situations in state”.
Strongly reacting to the “advisory” for foreign correspondents working in India, “barring them from traveling to state and from discharging their journalistic activities in Jammu Kashmir without authorities’ prior permission”, Hurriyat (G) said that it reflects their “autocratic mindset”.
“New Delhi should not shy away from facing world community over day to day incidents of human tragedies and deteriorating situations in JK,” Hurriyat (G) said.
“It is futile exercise to conceal the atrocities perpetrated by forces. Unabated and ceaseless cycle of killings, intimidations, detentions, assault on women and vandalizing properties continue to haunt peaceful people in the state and on the other hand authorities in their vain attempts are protecting and providing cover to their forces. No cover or velvet gloves can cover blood drenched hands or conceal the war crimes committed by forces,” said Hurriyat (G), adding that “inhuman and callous approach of authorities can neither force us to submission nor break our resolve”.
Laying curbs on journalists is a vane and unsuccessful attempt to blackmail international community and a useless phase to keep veil on “horrendous” situations in JK, Hurriyat (G) said and added that world community should seek “explanation” about the motive behind such “autocratic and heartless” approach of authorities.
JK is a highly militarized zone in world and as such people are living in suffocated situations and facing extreme wrath from forces, statement said, adding: “It is a martial law like situations as all basic and fundamental human rights have been trampled and tormented.”
Appealing UNHRC to take cognizance, Hurriyat (G) said that it is their moral obligation to check and see the human rights violations and facilitate resolution of Kashmir issue as per aspirations of people in JK.
Statement said Hurriyat Conference repeats that United Nations Human Rights Commission should observe the ground situation.
Hurriyat (G) expressed grief over the demise of Mohammad Ismaeel Gilkar, brother-in-law of “incarcerated” leader Gh Mohammad Khan Sopori.
Statement prayed for patience to the bereaved family and highest place in Jannat-ul -Firdous for departed soul.