Beating Kashmiris ourside

While there is a huge outrage at the national level over Pulwama attack, Kashmiris are facing the heat everywhere. Whosoever attacks Kashmiris one way or the other believes by doing so he is doing great service to the nation. When arrogance, hatred and feelings of revenge overcome sense of responsibility and logic it needs not to be questioned that why Kashmiris should be made to pay for none of their faults. Those targeting Kashmiris may be having their own agenda, but one thing is proven beyond doubt that these ultra-nationalists strongly believe that neither Kashmiris nor Kashmir belong to India. Every human being including Indians are morally bound to mourn death of CRPF men or Jawans of other security agencies, but may they answer if J&K is India’s integral part why didn’t they ever utter a single word during past three decades when Kashmiris were getting butchered every day; even their deaths are celebrated by Indian media and most of the radical elements all over India. Who other than Kashmiris can feel better the pain of CRPF Jawans killed in Pulwama blast or elsewhere, but how can Kashmiris help, the goons in India need to answer?

Those engaged in brutalities against Kashmiris have achieved nothing except alienating Kashmiris further from New Delhi. There are no gun factories in Kashmir nor is anyone allowed to possess a weapon under any circumstances, the borders too are not in their control and to sell shawls or to study outside they are duty bound to take a character certificate from the nearest police station before leaving valley. Let’s not forget that the class of Kashmiris studying outside Kashmir, carrying business in different states of India, or engaged in any activity outside Kashmir comprise mostly of moderate voices; as those having radical views or strong anti-India sentiment seldom prefer to leave Kashmir. Now when moderates have seen the ugly face of ultra-nationalists, hardliners stand vindicated by all means.

The way TV anchors provoke India and Pakistan it seems as if each of them is going to fight Pakistan at the LOC or are even ready to become Fidyeen to take a revenge on Pakistan. How New Delhi wants to take on Pakistan or how Pakistan responds is never in the hands of Kashmiris. But unfortunately they have become soft targets especially for New Delhi, and the ultranationalist goons. By downplaying the attacks on Kashmiris the Indian intelligentsia is only digging the grave of India’s own constituency in Kashmir. Not sparing the families of even Kashmiri police cops in Jammu, and hackling Kashmiri employees of civil secretariat, has caused a huge damage to New Delhi’s interests within those whom it claimed to be moderate voices, and its own people. By attacking moderate Huriyat leaders New Delhi is offering, like a cake, everything that Pakistan needs to strengthen anti-India sentiment in Kashmir. Making Kashmiris feel insecure even in their bedrooms may demoralise them, but at the end of the day it will minimize any scope for reconciliation between New Delhi and Srinagar; and in coming days those voices often claiming that Kashmiris are better with India may lose weight as people like Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah too seem to be feeling isolated, and side lined by the deep Indian state.