Behind the blossoming tulips (2)

Geelani’s ghost makes the state apparatus nervous, always. That is why it does not stop from committing act which in the end prove ridiculously counter-productive, bringing in its kitty nothing but agony. The recently framed charge sheet against the leader paddling his life in one-fourth of his lone kidney and having underwent dozens of surgeries and with a pace maker counting his breath, reflect to what extent it can go to exorcise itself of this “dread”.

          83 year old leader has been booked for ‘attempt to murder’ and ‘stone pelting’. The FIR lodged against him mentions that during his speech after Friday prayers Geelani “provoked general public against the state”, and said “Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir is illegal and we will continue with our struggle of freedom” The FIR also mentions “his speech resulted in hatred among the masses against the state”. He has been booked under section 307 (attempt to murder of a policeman), section 336 (involvement in stone pelting).

          It is in place to mention that Baramulla rally was Geelani’s first address after his return from New Delhi this year. Before this FIR state government and police officials claimed that Geelani is “free man” and there are no restrictions on his movement. To test his latest “level playing field” claim Geelani, as media reports say, on 6th April addressed a rally at Baramullah. The rally was peaceful and during entire speech of Geelani no untoward incident took place. It was only after Geelani and his associates left that locals caught hold of a policeman video graphing the scene. It resulted into argument between police and locals. Youth lost patience and threw stone on police.

          Surely one can have different opinion diametrically opposite to that of Geelani but fact of the matter is that Geelani’s rallies and public speeches have always been peaceful. He exhorts youth not to take violent approach and desist from stone-throwing. He even dislikes of using abusive language against India . It seems government was waiting for an excuse to justify Geelani’s house detention. Already Geelani’s continued detention and curbs on his political activities was severely criticized by civil society in India and Kashmir . To blunt this criticism it wanted to play with brief release of Geelani and then weave an excuse. But none can be disillusioned by such tricks. People know the government cannot digest political mobilization of the leader and has no courage to face Geelani politically of which he has thrown the challenge off and on.

          It is shocking that police has leveled allegation of ‘attempt to murder’ and ‘stone pelting’ against Geelani. What does the authorities mean in leveling such grave allegations against a leader who hardly can carry weight of his own body. Does they want to silence him through such cheap tactics? And can he be frightened? Can such frivolous charges against him win India the sleep Geelani’s ghost has denied her? No, never. India knows the stuff and the stamina, bone and nerves of the leader that has kept aglow flame of resistance when many new and old Sheikhs faltered and slipped in Indian warms. Ghalib instantly comes in mind:

            Dil behlanay kaa yeh andaaz khoob hai Ghalib!