Behind the “mourning” masks, Shindes are a pull-apart

                The political lackeys of Delhi which have sold their conscience, self-respect, dignity, ethics –  the precious human ingredients – to their masters for pretty political fortunes are an improvising lot. In deceitful politics. Quite confident on having regenerated the veneer of deception they think the subjugated people in the garrisoned town called Kashmir will believe in their polemics and give them clean chit in the political execution of Muhammad Afzal Guru Delhi rulers carried that surreptitiously.

                Look at the “innocence” Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has so deftly (cunningly, rather) worn on his face and the “mourning” posture he has molded himself in. He is busy in exonerating himself and his government (Congress-National Coalition, remember) from how Kashmir’s pride son of the soil was hanged in Tihar Jail that secretly. ‘As a human being’, coalition chief bemoans, Guru was entitled to see and meet his family before his hanging ‘but he cannot reconcile’ why he was denied the opportunity. He also wants people of Kashmir believe in how he tried to ‘convince’ Indians of the fall-out of the execution. The main opposition party PDP, that likes to swagger the regional character on its sleeves, in the similar tune is in “shock”, although misses no opportunity in scoring some brownie points over her political rival NC, always, and in this case too. Nonetheless, the muck-raking by both parties at Delhi’s door has same velocity and wavelength.

                Three teenaged (one hardly twelve years of age) have been chased to death and scores others fired on to scream in hospitals so far. The unrestricted curfew is on fourth day jamming the “gills” of the survival. This is how Omar regime is showing ‘solidarity’ with people and bereaving family. Mufti’s silent mode would not have earned a difference. After all strands of Delhi have had to pull the Delhi’s imperialist cart the way they are ordained to remain in power.

                Omar Abdullah is trying hard to convince people that unlike his father Dr. Farooq Abdullah who signed warrant of execution before Mohammad Maqbool Bhat was hanged in Tihar jail in 1984, he did not sign death warrant of Mohd. Afzal Guru as there was no case pending against him in the state. But that alone cannot make him and his coalition to get away from the latter developments which culminated to Guru’s capital punishment.

                ‘In July 2010, Guru wrote an application to Home Department in New Delhi, seeking transfer to Srinagar Central Jail in view of the difficulties faced by his family while coming to Delhi. However, in reply, the Deputy Home Secretary wrote to the jail authorities that J&K government had refused Guru’s application and hence there was no question of him being shifted to Srinagar’ (Kashmir Times September 30, 2011, Hurayat(G) statement) contrary to Deputy Home Sacretarie’s statement, Omar Abdullah, in February 2011, denied he has ever received such an application.

                The high drama stage-managed by Indian main-stream party of varied political persuasions in the state assembly on 29th September 2011 to stall the discussion on the innoculous resolution moved by an independent member Engineer Rashid exposes the hypocrisy, double speak and double standards of the ruling alliance, in particular the NC and opposition PDP. The resolution has appealed President of India to revisit the petition and commute the death sentence of Guru. The resolution tabled was not something novice or unprecedented.

                Coming close on the heels of Tamil Nadu assemblies unanimous resolution it adopted in August 2011 recommending commutation of death sentences awarded to three death row convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. The resolution moved by Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jaya Lalitha urged the President to take into consideration Tamil’s sentiments and political leaders’ views and commute the death sentence into life imprisonment. Even the Akali Dal which is sharing power with the BJP in Punjab has been pleading for commuting death sentence of Bhullar in Beant Sing murder case. Soon after TN assembly resolution Omar Abdullah, equating Guru’s case with those of Rajiv Gandhi convict case, tweeted :  ‘If J&K assembly had passed a resolution similar to Tamil Nadu one for Afzal Guru, would the reaction be as muted? I think not? In light of these remarks, one had hoped his party, if not his alliance partner would have backed the Rashid’s resolution, but the dubious and shameful part NC played in collaboration with PDP betrayed that everything was fixed before-hand  in the power corridors of New Delhi. For the sake of power they won’t mind if entire Nation Kashmir is hanged. Opportunism and power lust in all their politics has revolved around .While PDP brazenly breached the commitment it had on this issue with Engineer, NC’s ambiguous stance and wicked intent got revealed when it refrained from issuing party whip to its members for supporting the members and became a spectator to the drama enacted on the floor of the house.

                Behind the mourning masks the PDP and NC have put on, the Shinde (Ashok Kumar Shinde, Indian Home Minister) face is all quite visible. Just a pull apart.

                Further, Mohd Afzal Guru’s hanging was motivated by electoral consideration. In my write-up 26.11.2012, titled ‘More a political execution’ I had written rather predicted: ‘If Congress still thinks that in proving their “masculinity” they need one more skull to browbeat and silence their critics, Afzal Guru’s file is at Shinde’s table’. And being an alliance partner how can Omar and his NC wash off stains of the political murder that Congress has committed for electoral fortunes.