Best gift to the status quo, who? ­­­­­___ (I)

Reacting to Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s bracketing Sajad Lone’s Peoples Conference with other pro-Indian parties, the media savvy articulate young Sajad vomited out all disdain, anger and venom at the octogenarian leader in his press statement.

            In his calling ‘a spade a spade’, Sajad Lone portrayed Geelani as the ‘best gift that the status-quoist lobby in New Delhi could aspire for’ and lambastes Geelani for ‘disastrous political strategy’, in particular the hartals and election boycott calls. Sajad doesn’t stop in outpouring his frustration. He calls Geelani as ‘Halqa president of PDP’. Sajad accuses Geelani of ‘having a secret accord with Devender Raina’, ex-advisor of the Chief minister Omar Abdullah. For ‘economic subjugation’ of Kashmiri people Sajad puts the muck at Geelani’s door. Geelani’s passing chilly winter in Delhi, too gets dipped in Sajad’s sarcasm, ‘recreation’.

            Anyway Sajad has fired in all directions. Unrestricted, he let off his charged emotions. Forgetting that in his accusation enterprise, many think tanks in Delhi, he wanted to appease, would have found it difficult to reconcile canard with stark reality on the ground. Although there is all sort of masala the Don-Quixotes would like to relish a “dinner” and let out a loud guffaw. For a moment the Indian lackeys here would be stunned of this “chivalry”. Their gyrations to Delhi darbar would get disjointed momentarily. The traditional loyalists of Delhi Darbar would find Sajad too competing.

            Now let us focus on Sajad’s fulminations mixed with taunt and abuse. Right from the day he joined Jama’at-e-Islami and now as Hurayat chairperson, Geelani has been vocal in his pro-movement sentiments. Even publicly admitted by Indian establishment. Not that he has any ill will against people of India. Far from allowing his persona smudged in communalism or nationalism, Geelani loves Indian people from core of heart. In all his speeches and writings and press statements he forbids violence and extremist approach. He was only leader from pro-freedom camp, who in 2010 Intifadah – when stone pelting was youths “effective” mode of protest – mustered courage to ask youth to desist from stone throwing. But when it comes to plead and defend the cause of right to self-determination and implementation of security council resolutions, the same peace-loving and human-loving leader is projected by India and his stooges in Srinagar as ‘extremist’ and ‘hard-liner’.

            If Geelani is a best gift for maintaining status-quo, why all his political movements are curbed? Why he is not allowed to offer Jummah prayers in near by Masjid?  Why he is denied access to people? Why his political party Tehreek-e-Huryat is hunted and hounded all around? Why constituent units of his Huryat are not allowed a free-space?

            Are ‘best gifts’ treated the same way? Do ‘errands’ run the campaign for status-quo from jails? Do they get delighted in having PSAs slapped on them through revolving door mechanism? Does their wish list stretch to having them sweltered in blistering sun in jails outside valley?

            Contrary to this, the small, big or best ‘gifts’ always enjoy patronage from New Delhi. They have no curbs on their movement rather their public gatherings and rallies and interactions are facilitated by agencies. Even they are funded for staging such public shows. In the covalent bonding of mutual interests, they get roped together. India needs local stooge to provide a democratic mask to its garrisoned presence in Kashmir. And the power hungry politicians need security cover and “Hato Bacho” grandeur to reach to people so as to lure them in the loop of deception.

            The “best gifts” are not caged, prosecuted, imprisoned, sentenced or threatened. They are encouraged to contest elections, bribed in millions. To show to world that ‘Kashmiris have put their faith in Indian democracy’. And the story that Kashmir has sacrificed over one lakh people in pursuit of their sacred cause is ‘baseless’. A creation of ‘some anti-social elements’.

                                                                                                              (To be concluded)