‘Best gift to the status quo’, who? ­­­­­___ (II)

Hartals and election boycotts are democratic alternatives to gun-picking and stone-throwing. If they have lost relevance, it is for people to ignore them. After all, a shriveled old man does not send gangsters or gun men to force people to remain indoor. He doesn’t threaten people through PSAs and jails to have his call succeed.

            In a democratic setup, people have right to both options. To vote and not to vote. To enter into electoral fray and opt to election boycott. The same view echoed some five or six years before by former Chief Election Commissioner of India, Lyngdoh. So what wrong Geelani commits in choosing one of the option and asking people to heed his clarion call.

            It is immaterial who is at the saddle of power in Srinagar. All have their roles devised beforehand by the Darbar. Congress was replaced by NC and NC by PDP. From Sheikh Abdullah to Omar Abdullah, everyone at the helm of affairs was tailored to serve Indian interests. And every man’s tenure helped India in consolidating its grip and reneging from the plebiscite pledge.

            How many times in the two and a half decade of militancy people in the valley, Pir Panchal region and Chenab valley were subjected to relentless crackdowns, random searches, friskings and sieges, effectively paralyzing life. How many thousands of working days were snatched from the people in army’s resorting to such repressive methods? How many thousands of youth and earning hands were physically handicapped through torture, and imprisonment? You don’t talk of economic disaster wrought this way?

            NHPC is looting the precious water resources of our state. Its exploitative hood has devoured our economy and plunged us into deep darkness. The looting grid has total power generating capacity of 5500 mega watts from 14 Indian states, of which one-third power generation is contributed from our state. Still we have to take begging bowl at Delhi’s doors. You zip your mouth on this huge exploitation. Army is grabbing more and more land in a place that is already facing shortage of land for its own people. You don’t open your mouth on issues of ‘economic subjugation’ inflicted on people through these modes of imperialism.

            Halqa president? Perhaps Sajad was day dreaming and suddenly got awakened. To crack the joke. Geelani does not discriminate in placing NC, PDP, Congress in one and same basket. They are all the trusted and tried toadies of Delhi Darbar. Such accusation on Geelani makes us pity on Sajad, who claims he holds a “logical perception” on every issue. Halqa presidents don’t give hartals or boycott calls against their own party? And remember PDP’s senior leader Muzafer Beig’s statement he gave a week before. He said that boycott is going to help NC. Sajad’s blending the opposite strands look ridiculous.

            Davendar Raina? Even at a time when nearly all the pro-movement leadership went groveling to general Musharaff to support him for ‘moving extra-mile’ and have an ‘out-of-box’ solution on Kashmir, Geelani was the only leader who defied both Islamabad and Delhi and kept on carrying the flag of resistance. Against General Musharaff and Vajpayee and Manmohan, Davendar Raina is an insignificant entity, which figures nowhere. In fact the very mention of his role in ‘secret accord’ is ludicrous. It can’t fuel the rumor mills. Ah Sajad! To what a lowest level you have stooped. It pains me.