Betrayal of the mandate

To keep ‘communal and divisive forces’ at bay Kashmiris reposed trust in the ‘regional’ party PDP


It seems the PDP’s political compass has finally chosen its destination, Nagpur. Its spokesman, Nayeem Akhtar has come up with this lullaby : ‘if we go with the Congress or the NC, can we solve issues in domain of central government? We will go with the BJP for formation of stable government without compromising on party’s stated position.’(GK,4th January). 


 Politics makes strange bed-fellows, that much we know. But disrespecting people’s mandate in that shameless sullied manner and stabbing dagger of betrayal that crude Brute way is too much for a community already hard pressed and pushed to precipice. The largest vote turn out in the assembly election this year has the BJP the catalyst factor. The communalist and anti-Kashmir agenda of the party was not hidden from the people and to cull that they joined together. Nearly all parties pointed to BJP’s ‘sinister designs’ and sought votes in helping them build protective dykes against the marauding saffron brigade. That the LOTUS was not allowed to grow despite marshalling all resources and tricks played  by the Durbar sent relief in resistance camp as well. That tremendous amount of trust the parties, in particular the PDP, were obliged to honor. However, they, true to their colors, did they have been addicted to. 

 That lust of power scripts their destiny, determines their gait and fixes their priorities, once again the hapless people of Kashmir have had to swallow the bitter of.   Expressing his willingness to court BJP, the NC chief Omar Abdullah said: ‘When for the PDP the BJP is not untouchable, it can’t be for us’. It opened is communication lines with the BJP which at the same time engaged with the PDP as well. So both the regional parties kept stimulating their pheromones to lure the BJP. Same party they demonized and swore at during elections for pursuing a ‘communal and divisive’ agenda. ‘For us’, Mehbooba Mufti roared, ‘BJP is out of question’. NC’s brow showed the same deadly hatful sports. 

 What the party’s spinmeister  spun out is not convincing. It is bereft of logic  and substance. Suppose BJP would not have gained seats in Jammu, how then it could have appeased the ‘centre’? It would have nothing to bribe to remain in power.  Is that non-appeasement sufficient reason to paralyze an elected government  and thus rape people’s mandate? What for are the polls then staged  and guys like you brought in.  Only to play the role of errands, eunuchs of the durbar. How do regional parties in India like Trinamol Congress, DMK, ANADMK, SP etc function in their respective states. They run governments strutting  chin up and extract their legitimate share from Delhi. Not only this, they force  reprieves and pardons even for convicted killers of Rajiv Gandhi. So many state governments that electorate installed and went to BJP  during UPA’s rule at Delhi  should have, by this contention, cringed in fear of indifference from centre.

Modi despite the Gujarat hangover scaled his stature up on what they call ‘good governance’ agenda even when Congress enjoyed power at Delhi. The fact is there the elected representatives do not sell their conscience,  don’t degrade themselves as capons of  durbar. They care, ,tender and nourish their constituencies which bring them power. They hold themselves accountable to people. They have leaders there who guard sanctity of the institutions. Here we have  a breed of  four-twenties  that sell our autonomy, facilitate hanging of  Guru and clandestinely join forces in  robbing us of our land  and  dent holes in state subject. They camouflage bunker raj and  hide truth behind the unmarked graves. And still puff up their ‘honorable’ epithets.

 The secret of ‘stable’ government lies in respecting the aspirations of the people and not pawning conscience to Delhi. Sadly this is the very basic thing the pro-Indian groups keep compromising. First you seek votes on anti-BJP phenomenon you contribute in fuelling up and then lust of power emboldens you to play foul with what you hold sanctimonious. The very ‘regional aspirations’ you say ‘our party  will never make compromise on ’ are the poison for the party priding in Hindutva moorings and gives tacit support for ‘Ghar wapsi ‘ campaign. In stitching this kind of bonhomie, it is common scence that far from serving the interests of  Kashmiris, it is only the hunger of power that ‘ Father-Daughter’ party (Modi’s phrase) wants to ensure and protect. In between the highly impressive list of  demands the party wants the Hindu nationalist BJP to fulfill—in an attempt to hide its power-lust instincts —2008 mass uprising  comes knocking to mock at the intent.

That time PDP had no communalist party for the warm embrace. Secular Congress prodded it into knifing Kashmiris. It were ‘bright days that brought forth the adder’. Now daggers are not concealed in flower wreaths. They are brandished openly, dangerously too.   And when Kashmir was reeling under deluge and Delhi exhibited its likes in crude frigid way, all  of you preferred  crumbs of power to people’s suffering. A few months wait you could not bear patience for. The ring master ordered, you responded in rubbing salts to the injuries of victims.  

 Mufti family stretching the suspense is deliberate. It wants  people to delude that its ‘informal’ or ‘structured’  talks with the BJP are meant to exact concessions from the BJP and protect interests of majority community. But the vibes emanating from the  duo were clear of the direction. ‘We have support of 55 members to form government but mandate needs to be respected’ Mehbooba made it clear. In euphemism mandate of BJP and PDP have to be ‘respected’.  Her father didn’t lag behind: He  ‘won’t lead grand alliance if BJP turns down PDP agenda’. A khtar needs not to be too much clever. PDP has other Kashmir-centric option available to safeguard regional identity. That they are not serious about it reflects hollowness of their claim of protecting ‘regional aspirations’.  ‘And some that smile have in their hearts/ I fear millions of mischief’ (Shakespeare)