BJP unmasked

One wonders what makes them do an exercise like this

As if Srinagar has become out of bound and a ‘no go area’ for Indians that pepped up Sang Parivar brigade to declare a war on Kashmiris. And set out to ‘conquer’ the territory that it thinks has lost the grip of New Delhi. As if the grasp has become so weak that it has to be defended through any means necessary’.

                For the past one month the Parivar that consists of RSS, BJP,Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Yuva Morcha etc, has caught full blown virus of arrogance. Militant Hindu nationalism is finding its best candidates in the form of parivar. It’s all much ado. The furore they are trying to create, in essence has no base. It’s the politics of fanaticism which has done all the damage.

                January 12, the day BJP chief Nitin Gatkari flagged off Rashtriya Ekta Yatra (the national unity march) from Kolkata, reverberated with provocative slogans reflecting the impression described above. The Yatra rally bus looked like a chariot used by Hindu warriors in the past.          Launching the Yatra from the metropolitan city of Kolkata was significant. The city is the birth place of the founder of  Jan Sang, the earlier avtar of BJP, Shyama Prasad Mukharjee. As one of the BJP  leader underscoring the “importance” of the Yatra stated that the concluding of the Yatra is to ‘highlight the S  P Mukharjee’s martyrdom for integrating Kashmir as part and parcel of India.’

Mukharjee died of heart attack in Chishma Shahie prison in Srinagar in 1952. He violated entry restrictions and state government headed by Sheikh Abdullah detained him.

                Kashmir has not become part of India because of Mukharjee’s ‘martydom’ or because of  Kashmiri’s willingness which they expressed through plebiscite under United Nations auspices, as the Security Council resolutions which  New Delhi admitted to honor and implement. He has directed  India to do and which till date is followed more in breach than in observance. Contrary of towering claims of Indian leaders that, as first PM of  India stated, ‘we don’t believe in forced wedlocks’, reality is Kashmir is ‘Indian state’ because of army. Former deputy PM and high profile BJP leader L K Advani did not camouflage the reality  when he on 28 August 2010, addressing a seminar in Delhi, vomited out: ‘It is because of efforts of Indian army that Kashmir is still with India’.

                The saffron brigade perhaps believes that  mission of Mukharjee has not been accomplished and near one million sword arm of Nation India has lost the control to the ‘separatist’ Kashmiris and it is their writ that has prevailed.
                Ridiculous! BJP is marshaling its foot soldiers and resources for nothing?  Don’t they know Kashmiris  are cupped up in mighty hands where every inch of land is asphyxiated. Where political dissent is honored in slapping of PSAs, chocking of media and arresting of  youth. Where leaders released are burrowed into  their homes.

                In Kashmir, not to speak of a party fed on xenophobia, hoisting tricolor is a ubiquitous site. And claim it a blockbuster achievement. Just appear on Lal Chowk, the rest will follow. Smoothly. He will be assisted and clapped by those who man it 24×7. Not only   26  January, or15  August or 26 October, –when Kashmiris remain closeted in their homes-all days,  infact every day is theirs. It is since 1947 we have become  what they wanted us to become . Aliens in our own land.  That Kashmiris have not accepted it as fait accompli is another story. And reflective of their six decade struggle, in  particular  the  mass uprising of 2008  and 2010.

                There is no meaning  to flex muscle and take the gauntlet when contest is not even. With gun at your side, and corporate media at the cleansing duty of washing blood stains off your sleeves, what can a ‘sanitized’ disarmed unarmed contest do? Contest demands level-playing field. And here it is a foretold victory of the powerful that has not to wrestle down, but whistle down an “opponent”.

                Not that the party with Hindutva ideology seeping deep in its viscera is not unaware of the ‘complex’ nature of Kashmir,it is. But in the garb of blaring its Hindu nationalist fangs, it wants to make an issue of a nonissue, and make a political capital of it.

                BJP at present is starved of meaningful issues to take on its formidable opponent Congress party.  Like BJP, Congress is tainted. Nonetheless,    Congress has taken some action against its tainted members and BJP, that was raising storm on corruption has, at present, lost the steam.  Its monopoly of patriotism has got terribly shattered. The sensational disclosure of RSS Prachark Swami Aseemanand that cadres belonging to RSS are involved in many terrorist acts like Samjhota Express, Malegaon, Maka        Masjid and Ajmeer blasts (for which hundreds of Muslims, rounded up, tortured and jailed, had to pay  dearly) has truly revealed its anti-human, communalist posture. Till now      entire Parivar and media icons in India were bracketing terrorism with Muslims alone. ‘Though every Muslim is    not a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim’, was the accusation they      heaped on ?Muslims.

  Unmasked and squeezed BJP has no option but to sport its ‘nationalist’ stripes and declare ‘yudh’ on Kashmir. Two-fold objectives it thought it would serve. One, it would succeed  in distracting attention of the people of India from disclosures of involvement of parivar members in anti-national activities. Second, with various news channels cheering its march to Srinagar, it rethinks it would outsmart its main rival party, Congress, in patriotism. Otherwise it has itself slept over the ceremony for a pretty long time. In 1992 BJP President Murli Manohar Joshi launched his own Ekta Yatra from Kanya Kumari to Srinagar and hoisted the flag on the clock tower in Lal Chowk (red square) Srinagar amid unprecedented security arrangement and a rocket fire by militants which missed the target by a whisker.     Joshi had to board the plane to Delhi along with his supporters. After the incident the paramilitary forces stationed around the square raised the tricolor on January 26 and August 15. The practice was abandoned last year as the authorities ‘found no reason for hoisting the flag  there. Clock Tower is not a historic structure and should not be given much importance.’

                Flag raising is ceremony conducted by governments at federal and state level. Government officials also hoist tricolor at district head quarters, block centres. The same is done in Kashmir. The approach of BJP reflects that it doubts the nationalism and integrity of the government and Unified Command and secular parties that are in the thick of the show.

                Kashmir leadership should have not given any importance to it. With near about one million armed forces around they can make all our homes, including that of Geelani drape in tricolor, as they did in mid-nineties. But that did not, nor will, change the reality.

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