Blood is the same

Can you imagine entire people of New Theed, Harwan, Srinagar, have had to sit under open sky with the body of 11 year Nasir Shafi…

Last week 18 Indian soldiers lost their lives and dozens got injured after, reportedly, Fedayeen stormed an army Brigade Headquarters in Uri. Before the India’s premier National Investigation Agency( NIA)–which was assigned the task of investigating the incident—landed in Srinagar, Pakistan, as usual, was censured and blamed for the attack. Though Pakistan government denied its involvement and asked for ‘ actionable intelligence’, Delhi would not convince. The ultra nationalist news channels stirred up the government to ‘ teach Pakistan a lesson’. PM Modi soon declared ‘those behind attack won’t go unpunished’. The Director General Military Operations( DGMO), Lt. Gen.Ranbir Singh reserved the right to respond ‘ at place and time of our choosing’. Sonia Gandhi won’t miss to board the war mongering. She called the attack as ‘ deplorable affront on national conscience’. The darling voice of Nagpur in Srinagar read it ‘ a war-like situation’.

Let us hope better sense prevails and jingoists are not allowed to up the ante to a level where starting a ‘ surgical strike’ will ignite, a cycle of retribution no one can predict where it will lead us to. And whence the two nuclear powers are locked in, mutually ensured destruction is the reward. Never lull in the delusion of you having an edge in number of armed forces and some Brahmose, nukes laugh on such bravado. A nation pressed in a tight groove will not hesitate to press the button that it thinks is the last deterrent to safeguard its survival.

Hoping again war cries would remain confined to news studios that have developed a peculiar penchant to ridicule and deliver ‘anti-national’ charges on all who do not subscribe to their viewpoint. They are prophets of doom and lovers of owls enjoying honeymoon on ruins.

As humans, we feel pained over the killings of army men in Uri. They too have their family, dreams for their children. Imagine the intensity and magnitude of the grief struck to the family at being intimated about the death of their dear one. Imagine the plight of a wailing mother facing the worst in life in receiving the dead body of her son, that of a wife being deprived of her husband, a sister of her brother and a father of his old succor. The wailing and crying beamed from Indian channels tell that all. The pathetic scenes are despite the nature of the duty already having created the mental toughness in the family to bear the shock.

Indian government did not waste a moment in ordering probe on how the soldiers lost their lives. From, Prime Minister to Home Minister, Defence Minister, army chief and top officials to Opposition all demonstrated that their hearts beat in pain with those of the bereaved families. Both the print and electronic media ensured the ‘ Nation’ has not forgotten them. India was in mourning mode and drenched in anger. The ‘collective conscience of the nation’ was demanding stern punishment for the ‘ terrorists’.

But the suppression and destruction inflicted on people in Kashmir for the past 80 days goes unnoticed. From news studios to Prime Minister, from parliamentarians to civil society, all have, it looks, fossilized in a statue.

Even from the highest temple of justice no suo moto cognizance is taken on pelleting blindness to youth in Kashmir. In the name of maintaining ‘law and order’, people are subjected to repression that, in the words of former PDP leader A Hamid Kara, ‘ shamed Nazi’s’. Why none in India gets moved on the hell Kashmir has been turned into? Over 13 thousand people have sustained life-crippling wounds, over four thousand have been imprisoned, hundreds, including political and religious leaders, have been booked under draconian PSA, which Amnesty International condemned as ‘ lawless law’. The historic Jama masjid, where every Friday lakhs of devotees used to pray has been sealed since 8th 0f July. First time in history Muslims were restricted from Eid celebrations and prayers in grand masjids like Dargah Hazratbal, Jama masjid and shrines. Look what is happening here. Khurram Parvez is a noted human rights activist and a Coordinator of JK Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) and chairperson of Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD).

He was held under Section 107 and 151 of the CrPC ( detention for breach of peace and design to commit cognizable offence). The Principal Sessions Court Srinagar set aside his detention and ordered his immediate release but the authorities slapping PSA on him and shifted him to Kotbalwal jail Jammu. There is a Supreme Court ruling that directs governments to keep detainees in prisons nearer to their homes. Here the detainees are shifted outside valley to inflict maximum of physical and psychological pain, both to the accused and the family. Can you imagine entire people of New Theed Harvan, Srinagar, have had to sit under open sky with the body of 11 year Nasir Shafi to prove, through media lens, that their beloved son was killed in pellet firing and not ‘ killed in attack by bears’, as alleged by police.( GK, September 19, 2016). These are just a few instances. There are more frightening accounts.

The question is why Delhi is looking squint when it comes Kashmir? Why the death of civilians in Kashmir and brutalities inflicted on them are not catching the Insanyat( humanism) nerves of a State, priding being a ‘ great republic, a largest democracy’? Why peaceful assemble of people is called ‘agitational terrorism’? , Why dissent is crushed? Why asking a political question is treated a treason? Your prosecute against your own case (that Kashmir is ‘ integral’ part of India) when you approach Kashmir with a medieval mindset. You are mourning the soldiers in Uri who lost lives fighting rivals when they were equally armed, but when innocents in Kashmir are getting killed and their parents handed over coffins of their dear ones, no one from Mahan Desh join us in mourning, not to speak of visiting a victim family. Here nearly 90 people, including teenagers have been killed, hundreds blinded and thousands injured during peaceful protests, but no one has been made accountable. Kashmir cries for justice, but all turn deaf ears to such voices. The message is that Indians are deriving sadistic pleasure from the iron curtains drawn on Kashmir. This vindicates those spearheading the present Intifada.