Bullet, pellet hit victim families recount south Kashmir horror

At Srinagar’s SMHS hospital, over a dozen pellet and bullet victims are battling injuries after they were hit in government forces firing in Kulgam and Shopian districts on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Nadia Jan sister of Yawar Lone, who was hit by a bullet in abdomen in Kulgam clashes on Wednesday, was praying in corridor as he was critical at SMHS hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) until Thursday afternoon.
But to Nadia’s fortune, Yawar started talking in fumbling tone in afternoon after which she went back home. He is lone break winner in the family.

The 25-year-old youth was hit by a bullet during clashes that had erupted after youth tried to break the cordon laid down by the forces Wednesday.
“He suffered excessive blood loss in ambulance. Doctors had to transfuse around 13 pints of blood so was the severity of injuries. We were not sure whether he could survive,” said Yawar’s uncle, Mohammad Akbar.
At home Yawar lives with mother and her younger sister Nadia due to a family dispute. The bullet injury has traumatized the innocent family.

“We have witnessed such an incident for the first time. This is very shocking for us. We all are numb. Government forces are targeting civilians,” he said.
A resident of Awhoto (Kulgam), Yawar on Wednesday felt need of blood, a message of which was shared widely after he was declared critical.
At the twin rooms of ophthalmology ward of SMHS hospital, more than a dozen pellet victims from Kulgam, Shopian and Ganderbal have again occupied beds and waiting to be treated for their injuries.
Among them is, Nelofar (name changed) a 26-year-old girl of Pinjoora, Shopian. She was hit by pellets in left eye on Wednesday in forces firing. Withering in pain, her eye has turned red.
Her attendants said in spite of not being a party to any protest he was hit. Traumatized and shocked, his left eyeball has turned red.
At the hospital most of the pellet victims have their eyes closed.
Like Nelofar, Uzma, a Pinjoora Shopian resident was hit by pellets in left eye outside her home when clashes had broken in their locality Wednesday.
“She was at home. Some youth had taken injured youth in our locality. We wanted to go out to help them. But forces rained pellets on us,” said Uzma’s aunty Haleema, who attend her at the ward.
Uzma’s cousin Mehraj-u-Din said many pellet hit their care in their locality otherwise they would have penetrated in her eyes as she had hid behind it.
At the hospital teenage students have once again become fresh victims of the lethal weapon pellet gun—which was introduced in Kashmir in 2010.
Adil Dar, of Ganderbal is another fresh victim of the pellet gun. A 2nd-year student, Adil was hit when students of Govt Degree College Ganderbal, where he studies, had protested killing of Zakir Musa’s on Tuesday.
“He told me he was very far away from the protesting crowd. He is very innocent. He is not able to see from his left eye,” Adil’ brother said.
Adil has pellets all over his body including chest, shoulder and head.
Like him, Tawsif Ahmad, 16, of Kulgam is another victim of pellet gun. He was hit in both eyes on Wednesday when he was hit in both eyes.
“He is not able to see from one eye. His world is dark now. What was his fault? This pellet gun has proved devastating,” said his attendant, Nazir Ahmad who weeps out blood from his eyes and beaks down.
“He is poor. He was the eldest son in the family. Doctors are not sure and are not saying any word about his injuries since Wednesday,” he said,
A senior ophthalmologist attending the pellet hit said, on Wednesday they operated 13 victims for primary repair among them two were females.
Medical Superintendent SMHS, Dr Nazir H Chowdhary said on Tuesday and Wednesday over 30 injured have been admitted for treatment at the facility.
“It includes three bullet-hit youth who were referred here on Wednesday. One among them has shown improvement. All of them are being treated,” he said