Chanakya in Kashmir

            The 2008, 2009 and 2010 mass-uprising virtually jammed Indian propaganda mills and crippled its intelligence apparatus. Millions Kashmiris on roads, sky reverberated with one slogan Hum Kya Chahtey Aazadi, Aazadi and “hip-hop” ragda by jubilant youth, reflective of their strong resolve for Aazadi coupled with hate and anger against Delhi and pro-Indian power-lust political groups. An upsurge of highly emotional people that decimated to the ground zero all the edifices of falsehood and deceit. Kashmiris pronounced with open ballot what they want.

          The satisfaction of having ‘crushed the insurgency’ and have India fasten its footprints on the “rebellion” Kashmiris’ chests all melted in one go. Not that guns of the militants have boomed up again. The transition of armed struggle to non-violent mode, and with such a huge people-involvement, jolted Indians of the celebration mode it has placed herself in. The breeze of the “victory” disappeared that quickly, that shortly.

          The pain of seeing the suppressed and brutalized Kashmir rising from ashes of democracy with such a furious roar and commitment forced the Indian think tanks to take to the route of Chanakya. And post Intifada 2010 is glaring manifestation of how his Artha Shashtra (the “guide-book” for an emperor to run his reign through deceit and double speak) is implemented in letter and spirit in Kashmir . The same Chankya has various prescriptions at hand for controlling and then assimilating a ‘rebellion’ people. One such “stratagem” is that instead of soaking your hands with blood and thus commit hensa (violence) sugarcoat the roots of resistance with ‘love’, ‘compassion’, ‘sympathy’ and leave the rest for the ants. To sap the energy from it and cause it to wilt. Slowly, slowly.

          With that sharp eye on famous court-councilor of Chandra Gupta Morya and his “treatise”, New Delhi , after failing in its attempts of taming and caving in Kashmiris through military muscle, has cast itself in a new mould. It has cut a new task for itself and for her croaking cronies: Kashmir – the freedom-loving Kashmir – has to be derailed from the goal it has sacrificed over hundred thousand people for. Digressed from the main discourse that has seeped deep in its viscera, life, culture and biosphere. And drowned in the mainstream politics.

          And, in particular, the youth has to be focused. Every centimeter of the soil under his feet has to be made captivative for him so as to unhinge him from the resistance movement. That is why ‘Army in collaboration with State Government with an aim to involve youth in constructive activities’ is arranging Sadbhavna, Bharat Darshana, sports activities, etc. Kashmir University is witnessing a boom of seminars from where apart from feeding some academic morsels, attempts are made to hemorrhage the movement off students’ involvement.

Outside state packs of intellectuals, historians, economists, research scholars, technocrats, poets and artists are imported to change the dominant discourse and wash the mind off what the fairy queen of Indian democracy wrought to people in the past two decades of AFSPA raj. Attempts are made to cause cracks in the monolithic character of Kashmiris and wrestle in factionalism, divisive tactics, Manazira Bazi and Fatwa Bazi. Kashmiris are under a siege, where semantics of language, not the intent behind has changed. The pounding of body has given way to pounding of mind. But let no one nurse the false hope. The genes of Kashmiris are insulated against giving hospitality to these machinations.