Come home We receive you with open arms, but be a part of us

Perhaps it has become etched with the fate of Kashmiris that the expectations they sow always come with the affect of, what they say, Law of Unintended Consequences. They sow something and reap something else. Never once since 1947 have they enjoyed a Eureka moment to cry, here it is their palm lines read straight to show they were not cheated of their promises and their mandate was not stabbed against them. 

Perhaps we are anchored to a land where every ‘democratic’ leader loves to play antics with the people. One somersault, we are snared to a plot. And wake up to the poison of betrayal spread to every part of body. This has been the play of trust and deficit that is being staged on the political firmament of this place since decades .

At every change of guard, our chequered history shows the ruins of false promises the new dispensation replaces the other at. Each stint has to it the credit of depriving us of what we loved and cherished most. Autonomy, special position, ‘unique character’ have been mowed down already. Article 370 has since been reduced to husk. Our water projects have been snatched from us. Our glaciers are on the receiving end of human avalanche aggression. We are zeroed in from peripheries. The two last cushions we are breathing our existence at now stand threatened. This time the threat is real. Both our land and population, despite most of the brutal inflicted on us, proved the only effective safeguards to save us from meeting the fate of Palestines. We are Kashmiris till land is ours. And mind it our number is covalently bonded with our land. Dispossession of land would automatically seal the fate of Kashmir as the Muslim majority state. All the gut-wrenching tales of Jewish settlements seem to be ringing close. 

The government has sought and won vote on protecting Kashmiris from right wing Hindu nationalist forces whose ‘vision document’, ‘ghar wapsi’ campaign and other dangerous hot pursuits they embarked on, all showed the poisonous fangs to devour Kashmir of its composite culture and identity. They are vengeful, and boldly express so, to state’s constitutional position. Their clamor for ‘integration’ is to remove all the barriers against our merger and assimilation. 

Towards the goal of perpetuating power in a ‘stable’ way, PDP shoved other possible alignments and locked his fate with the BJP. How this alliance is dangerously tilting towards the former is stating the obvious. Election manifesto stands roll backed since long. That was expected in the backdrop of such umpteenth poll pledges. What, however , not expected was agreeing to raising up of ‘Composite Townships’ in Kashmir. This is straight way stabbing the majority community. 

The very coining of the expression ‘Composite Townships’ speaks of the sinister design. It means setting up settlements exclusively for a group of people . Erecting of hate walls and barricades is inherently attached with such cluster colonies. It is an open verdict against Kashmiri Muslims and their faith. That they are communal and do not believe in co-existence. A running add to the world community to denigrate us as ferocious hounds Kashmiri Pandits need to be barricaded against. With one stone they want to kill many of our cherished birds. And this vilification in its crude manifestation, unfortunately is being strengthened by those who were supposed to oppose it tooth and nail. But here in this part of globe nature has cupped us in, lust of power sells every thing, conscience, people and honor. It values in equal measure God and devil. 

Everybody in India ,from Kaniakumari to Lakhanpore are aware of the reality that Kashmiris are not against the return of KPs to their ancestral homes. There are still seven thousand KPs living at various places in the neighborhood of their Muslim brethren in Kashmir. They did not migrate and are masters of their own land, orchards, homes and hearths. They are doing their business, trade and service the manner they like it. They are in a better position to pass judgment on us. 

None in Kashmiris against the KPs return to their homes. But return to their homes is one thing, allowing themselves to be used as ploys to further the nefarious communal agenda of saffron brigade is another. For the home-coming, in literal sense, KPs would find our hospitable arms stretched to Banihal, but creating of townships, colonies, settlements will never be accepted. Kashmiris will resist at their setting up one block. 
Rajnath Singh has stated that the decision government has taken on rehabilitation of the Pandits will not change. Add to it Mufti’s not giving up the plan entirely. We are not out of the woods and have to be watchful. For tomorrow will be too late.