Commemoration of Youm-e-Istehsal (Kashmir Siege Day) in Denmark

5th August 2020 marked one year since RSS and BJP led Indian government revoked the article 370 of the Indian constitution which was enacted into Indian constitution in 1957 to protect the special status given to the state of Jammu and Kashmir by UN and agreed by all parties to Kashmir conflict.

As Indian government feared a strong reaction from Kashmiri population who has suffered in hands of Indian occupying forces for last 73 years, the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir was turned into a prison by occupying forces and lives of 13 million Kashmiris was turned unliveable.

To mark one year of this unilateral illegal act of Indian govt, the day of 5th August is commemorated as Youm-e-Istehsal (Kashmir Siege Day). All Kashmiris and friends of Kashmir all over the world, protest at various levels to remind the world about brutalities of Indian occupying forces.

TAHREEK-E-KASHMIR, DENMARK also organised a peaceful protest on 5th of August 202 in front of the Indian embassy in Denmark situated in the city of Hellerup, Copenhagen. To prepare for protest and ensure that people from all walks of life and communities participate in protest a number of meetings were held prior to the day of protest and a strategy was drawn to spread the word about the protest at various levels and a strong media campaign was launched both on social media and local radio and TV channels.

Efforts of organising committee of TAHREEK-E-KASHMIR paid off and people started gathering in front of the Indian embassy in Hellerup even before the agreed time of 2 pm. The number grew to almost a strong group of 300 people including young and old, men, women and a large number of children. Almost everyone was carrying placates and banners depicting various slogans in favour of innocent Kashmiri people, with pictures showing brutalities of Indian occupying forces and victims of torture. Participants were carrying Kashmir flags and everyone seemed very energetic and enthusiastic to raise their voice for Kashmir.

We would like to specially mention the active participation by a large number of women and young children and also members of other communities i.e. Danish, Sikhs, Bangladeshis and Nepalese brethren.

Formal proceedings of protest started with tilawat of Quran e Kareem followed by a brief note by the president of TAHREEK-E-KASHMIR Mr Adeel Aasi stating the significant feature and timeline of 73 years-long struggle by Kashmiri population and thanking the people to come out in full force in support of Kashmir.
President’s address was followed by speeches by representatives of various political and social organisations of Denmark providing a detailed picture of illegal and brutal Indian occupation of Jammu Kashmir and the dire state of Kashmiri population as a result of living under a year-long lockdown and without basic human rights. Speakers also presented their demands for the provision of all basic human rights and right of self-determination to people of Jammu and Kashmir as agreed through resolutions of UN.

In between speeches, all participants raised slogans against Indian occupying forces and illegal actions of the Indian government. The energy and passion showed by all including men, women and specially children were worth watching and raised a very powerful voice for Kashmiris, a voice so powerful that it is heard by the representatives of a racist and extremist Indian govt sitting inside the embassy’s building. We will commend all participants for remaining very peaceful and civilised both in their actions and words throughout the protest.

At the end of the protest, a resolution was presented to the participants of protest which was unanimously passed with a raise of hands. Representatives of Tahreek-e-Kashmir tried to deliver the resolution to the ambassador of India who refused to appear and send someone to collect the resolution, so it was dropped into embassy’s post box.

Special prayers were offered for Kashmiri people for them to be strong and resilient in face of an extremist and racist Indian govt and their brutal occupying forces in Kashmir.

The salient demands by the speakers and resolution agreed were as under;

– Rejection in strongest terms of the illegal action taken by India on 5th of August 2019 and a demand to bring back the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to its original form as agreed by all parties to conflict and as enforced by UN resolutions in order to protect J&K’s geographic and demographic status.

– Condemnation in strongest terms of the inhumane and brutal military siege imposed by Indian occupying forces for last one year and violation of basic human rights of Kashmiri population on large scale

– Demand that India fulfils its all obligations under International law and release all prisoners, end the illegal siege of Kashmir and provide a right of self-determination to people of Kashmir, a right given under UN resolutions.

We would like to thank everyone for very active and passionate participation and raise a loud powerful voice in favour of Kashmir and against violation of human rights in Kashmir.

We would also like to thank the organising committee of TAHREEK-E-KASHMIR for their hard work to make such a successful and peaceful even possible.