Concocting and confusing Can’t expect justice from collaborators

Hassan Zainagairi
That the so
called ‘people’s representative’ don’t feel ashamed of concocting  facts ands chopping realities was once again
driven home on the floor of legislative assembly. Otherwise taken due regard of
the “sanctity” of the house in presenting authentic and credible information,
state government last month mislead the legislative assembly when it claimed
that only 70 ‘security forces’ personnel have been involved in rape and 55 involved
in molestation cases. In a written reply to the Assembly, Chief Minister Omar
Abdullah, who is also in charge minister for Home Affairs told assembly on 7th October that: ‘the security forces personnel are accused in 70 rape cases (40
in Kashmir and 29 in Jammu) and 55 cases of molestations (44 in Kashmir and 11
in Jammu)’ (GK 09 October 2013).

Giving details of the disposal of rape, the government said, ‘the accused were convicted in only 579 cases of the 17736 rape and molestation cases which were challenged before
the courts’.

While state government labored hard (and must have caused some brain-taxing moments to the concerned statisticians while collecting the data), the willful intent of the government is too stinking to remain hidden behind the juxtaposed figures of the 17736
rape cases, that government says courts took cognizance of the clubbing figure
of 579 implies it pertains to ‘security forces personnel’ or includes them too.

The fact of the matter, however, is that so far not a single force personnel
involved in the heinous crime was dragged to the court, not to speak of
convicting him. The eye-catching figure of the 579 convicted, in reality, is that of civilians alone. The data presented by the government is all aimed to confuse the public opinion and mislead the world community. It is to make them believe that criminal justice
system works here and rule of law is maintained. But insiders know it and many
human rights groups including Amnesty International too is aware of how the courts
have been paralyzed by draconian laws like AFSPA in favor of criminals in olive
green or khakhi.

Refuting the official figures about rape and molestation incidents involving army and other paramilitary force in JK, the Hurayat leader Syed Ali Geelani in a statement
said that, 7500 women were raped or molested by the forces in the state in past
24 years’ (GK 10 October, 2013).

One has to blame the pro-Indian leaders for such a dismal situation. They are proving collaborators of Delhi and its forces in aggravating the miseries of people rather than being protectors of dignity, life and honor. Just one example will suffice: ‘Kunan Poshpora mass rape of 53 women (February 23rd-24th 1991) by Armies 4th Rajputana
Rifles of 68 Brigades. The B G Vergehese-led press council of India team that visited Kashmir in June 1991 gave clean chit to the army claiming that, ‘charges against the
army were concocted bundle of fabricated lies. The role of political stooges
like NC and PDP which enjoyed power with Congress all these years was not
different. The prosecution instead of pleading the case of victims always
helped in prolonging the case and denying the justice. Making mockery of Cr P C
section 173, which mandates submission of closure of report once investigations
are complete, it took JK police 22 years to file the closure report on March
30, 2013 and that too only when a PIL was submitted by around 50 women in the
High Court. The role of successive governments in denying victims justice has
been tellingly exposed by State Human Rights Commission.

Observing in its judgment (October 16, 2011) it said: ‘Right from February 1991, all successive governments and district administrations have been guilty of callous, negligent, insensitive and indifferent attitude towards the victims as if nothing has
happened in Kunan Poshpora’. The ‘stunning revelations’ by former army chief V
K Singh gives answer to the question why forces enjoy impunity even when
involved in crimes of rape and murder. Those on pay rolls can only be collaborators
not protectors.
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