‘Courageous’ or conscious-pawned pygmy

          Omar talks of a ‘multi pronged strategy for harnessing the state’s vast Hydel potential’, but he is silent on the colonial behavior of NHPC (the giant Indian Hydro-electric Power Corporation) which for the last four decades has brutally exploited our water resources and is refusing to honor the agreement it negotiated with state government in eighties whereby state was entitled to 50% power at generation cost and a share of 25% in the profits of remaining 50% power. Thanks to the collaboration of the successive dispensations in J&K, we have been thrown a “12% royalty” shame to fill state coffers with. The way his predecessors assisted Indians to continue with the hegemony of the NHPC, reminiscent of British East India Company day, Omar did not look different.

          What is this three years of ‘people’s empowerment’? If people are sovereign here, familiar usual refrain often quoted by pro-Indian leadership, then how come the people are governed through ‘blackest of black laws’ (term used by Amnesty International) like PSA and AFSPA? If people are ‘empowered’, why and how they are not allowed to hold peaceful assemblies? Why political dissent is curbed and why local news channels here are banned?

‘Empowerment’ of people have to go in synch with liberty, freedom of expression and freedom after expression. That sort of atmosphere is conspicuous by its absence? Can we ask in how many days Geelani or Shabeer Shah were allowed to offer Jumma prayers in year 2011, you yourself state was peaceful? In ‘people’s empowerment’ army are in barracks and writ of the bunker raj ends. Does it? In ‘people’s empowerment’ courts are not debarred from convicting a guilty soldier? But here the AFSPA has made them crippled.

          True, as the ad shows, Omar works ‘in tandem’ with Delhi . Yes it is a quid-pro-quo relationship where a Muslim Kashmiri leader has to provide a ‘democratic’ face for otherwise a system of governance that has been tailored by Delhi and propped up by military muscles. The ‘holistic support and patronage’ Omar Sahab enjoys from people he mentioned clearly demonstrates the constituency he is indebted to. The electoral democracy is not the participatory democracy. Kashmir breaks the myth always. Always.

          ‘Empowerment’ of people makes a nation master of its own resources. That should have enabled state of J&K to wrest control of our power projects from the tyrannical hands of NHPC. But it is maintaining Shylock mentality. That is why it refuses to hand over power projects like Salal Dulhasti and Uri to State even after meeting the depreciation costs. It has the cheek to piss over the agreement it made with the state.

          The Chief Minister presents himself as a ‘courageous’, ‘visionary’ and ‘dynamic’ leader Kashmir have, at long last, “discovered” and are “fortunate” enough to have him with. Narcists love their images and Omar driven by Narcism frolics under such adjectives. Otherwise, the stand his government took on AFSPA revocation – not to mention of his pledge of sending to gallows killers who murdered people in Bomai, Shopian, Sopore, Srinagar (in his three year rule) – shows how clay-footed he is. Masculinity is the first thing power lust Kashmiri leaders lose. ‘Vision’ and ‘dynamism’ are just words bereft of substance. Conscience-pawned people are too pygmies to earn these epithets.