Curios case of Kashmir

History of Kashmir is more ancient than Pakistan and India

The Kashmir conflict is the oldest unresolved issue in the world today. It is the core political issue between India and Pakistan. Both the countries are playing the cards of politics on Kashmir issue.

Indeed, it is not just an internal conflict between the people of Kashmir and New Delhi. One-third of Kashmir is occupied by Pakistan, two-thirds is occupied by India, and a small sliver is occupied by China. These are three powerful atomic powers of the world dominating Kashmir. There have already been multiple wars between the two countries on Kashmir issue. In case of another war the juggernaut danger cannot be evaluate.

It is the major political dispute between Indo-Pak since 1947 but commonly it is observed that whenever dialogue takes place between the two countries the separatists are always neglected by the both sides of political leadership. Therefore resultantly till this time the dialogues process seems meaningless. Few days ago, Pakistan Day on March 23, Pakistan displayed its strong military defense and missiles technology to the world and gave a strong message to other countries. And it is the prompt result that after few hours Prime Minister Narendra Moodi offered Pakistan’s political leadership to resolve all the problems through dialogue including Kashmir issue, Kargil and demilitarization on both sides from highest hazardous border of Siachen Glacier. But again as usual, a baseless condition was imposed by Indian leadership that none of separatists shall be part of dialogue. In this scenario the results are crystal clear even before the dialogue starts.

Indeed, it is nothing without enticing and temptation of Indian government. In Indo-Pak history many time before dialogues have been conducted but the results were always meaningless. The Indian democratic government is struggling to masticate the voice of the people of Kashmir and in other side international media is playing its dissimulative role and showing its stolidity regards to the Kashmir issue. All human rights activist are showing their inanimateness and torpidity in Kashmir. One of the unique and unusual characteristics of the Kashmir situation is something term known as half-widows. This term was used for the innocent women of Kashmir who have lost their male provider – husbands but they don’t have death certificates, and are passing their lives in the endless wait. It is a painful and unresolved circumstance.

Now the question is what is the solution? The solution that comes to my mind is to provide the people of Kashmir their unalienable right of self-determination. Let the people of Kashmir decide what they want. The political leadership of India and Pakistan has no right to impose their will on Kashmiris.

In fact the solution of Kashmir lies in the dialogue between India and Pakistan but only in case if both India and Pakistan are ready to include the Kashmiris as a party to the dialogue and leave their dogmatism regarding Kashmir. It is the best solution and of this complex issue if both states agree to solve critical issue of Kashmir through dialogue with Kashmiri leadership.

In modern democratic era every person knows his/her rights so it is the time to raise the issue of disenfranchisement of Kashmiri people also. They have the right to vote and cannot be ignored. But a burning question arise here that why both countries are avoiding Kashmiri leadership for dialogue, and why they are not giving unalienable right of self-determination to the Kashmiris?

Indeed the voice of self- determination is the threat for both of countries. They know well the result of self-determination because most of Kashmiris having mind set for free state of Kashmir. They don’t want further to be part of any conflict.

So, therefore Kashmir should become a separate entity. Pakistan, India and China should give up the area to form Kashmir state. As an aspiration to end rule, it makes perfect and clear sense to demilitarize the Kashmir zone and to create a separate state. There is different aspirations/version of truths/power politics/water resources involved in Kashmir. In all the above circumstances the solution of Kashmir is separate entity for Kashmir.

It is pertinent to mention here that indeed Kashmir by itself has solely strong identification. The history of Kashmir is more ancient than Pakistan and India.

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