Delhi People's Durbar

: Kejriwal assumes power, swears to change system


When people trust a party and elect it in preference to other important national parties, people expect quite a lot from the party and trusts its ability to deliver. When party assuming power signals to protect the people’s interests, nation feels safe and secure. 

This exactly has happened in Delhi state of India where people opted Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) by rejecting other national parties like Congress and BJP and entrust the mandate to the new leadership to govern honestly and sincerely for the welfare of Delhiites. . 

History was made on 28th December when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) founder leader Arvind Kejriwal took oath as Delhi’s seventh and youngest chief minister of Delhi state at the Ramlila Maidan, watched by tens of thousands of excited supporters at the venue and on live television around the country.

Wearing his trademark white cap, Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in today as Delhi’s youngest chief minister, as an estimated one lakh people cheered for him at Ram Lila Maidan, a massive public park in the heart of the city. It was the culmination of a momentous campaign for people’s rights that was mounted by Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), formed only a year ago but recognized a few months ago on thieve of the Delhi poll and which rode to power in a major electoral upset this month.

Along with Kejirwal were sworn in six of his relatively youthful ministers by Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung amid a crescendo of cheers and claps from his white cap-waving sea of supporters and voters who reposed faith in him and his promises to "change the system".

Along with Kejriwal, other AAP leaders Manish Sisodia, Satyendra Kumar Jain and Somnath Bharti, Rakhi Birla, Saurabh Bharadwaj, Girish Soni also took oath as cabinet ministers. Kejriwal announced ministries, keeps home, finance, vigilance power, planning to himself In a short press conference, Arvind Kejriwal announced the allotment of ministries. He said he will keep the home ministry, finance, planning, and vigilance and power ministries to himself. Somnath Bharti will handle tourism, law and administrative reforms. Rakhi Birla will take charge of women and child development and take charge of women’s security. Girish Soni gets SC, ST, employment and labour portfolios. Satyendra Jain has been given health and industries. Manish Sisodia will hold the PWD and education ministries.

Following the swearing-in ceremony, Kejriwal in a speech at the Ramlila maidan announced a special number which will bring corrupt government officers to book. Delhi’s new CM Kejriwal in a speech appealed to his newly sworn in ministers to never become arrogant during their tenure. He said, "I swear that in my life I will never take bribes or give bribes. If anyone asks for a bribe, pay it and report it to a special number, the phone will be activated in 2 days. We shall catch the corrupt red handed." He added, "The fight is very long and we will need the support of people to end corruption in the capital and the country. We don’t have solutions to all problems. "We don’t have a magic wand to solve problems immediately. We have all stepped out to clean this politics and for the past 2 years. Kejriwal said his party was formed to serve the common man. "If we walk on the path of truth, ultimately the truth will win," he said. "We had to form a party to wade out arrogant politicians, hope that the noone else has to form a party to wade us out. We came here to serve and we will go to our constituencies and serve the common man of whom we are a part."

After announcing the ministries, Arvind Kejriwal held his first Cabinet meeting in which he warned his party members, MLAs and his ministers of not growing the kind of hubris that can fell a party. "Never let pride grow inside you. Let it never happen that like we had to finish corrupt parties, some other party has to come up to end our hubris. Remember, our battle was not to become ministers and MLAs. Our idea was to serve the aam aadmi. Whenever you meet people in your constituency, meet him with folded hands, like you have been doing so far," he said. He specifically also warned party workers to not do anything that betrays audacity, pride in having won. 

Part naive, part melodramatic, part idealistic, Arvind Kejriwal strikes a chord as the aam aadmi CM of Delhi In his first address as the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kerjriwal hit several right notes – some perfectly in line with the traditional style of Indian politicking, some surprisingly unaffected, some high on idealism and some laudably sharp. Kejriwal started his speech with a call media have now come to associate with Narendra Modi – "Bharat Mata ki Jai". However, he quickly followed it up with a hint of the revolutionary streak in his party. He shouted ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ immediately after.

With doubts already making the rounds about the Kejriwal government’s abilities to keep promises, the cabinet has to get cracking on providing free 700 litres of water and subsidizing electricity bills immediately. Kejriwal had said though water will be made free as soon as the government takes charge, making sure it reaches all corners of Delhi will be an uphill task and will take some time. 

Kejriwa became the first time MLA from New Delhi constituency after defeating incumbent Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit on 8th December, 2013. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal said he will start working immediately after taking oath as Delhi’s chief minister Saturday, adding that he had Gandhian activist Anna Hazare’s "best wishes". Kejriwal told the media that he would go to the Delhi government’s secretariat shortly after being sworn in at the sprawling Ramlila Maidan here. He also told the media outside his residence at Kaushambi township near Delhi that he had received a message of greetings from Hazare, who Kejriwal regards as his guru. Kejriwal said Hazare, who is based in Maharashtra, had extended his "best wishes" to the new Aam Aadmi Party government. Hazare, who had been invited to attend the ceremony, expressed his inability to do so due to ill health.

And perfectly in line with the thrust of his party, Kejriwal came up with a grandiose beginning to his appeal to the people of Delhi. He said, "Today, it was not me who was sworn-in as the chief minister of Delhi, the six ministers standing with me have not been sworn-in. Every aam aadmi in Delhi has sworn in as the chief minister of Delhi today."

A failure of the AAP government has high chances of being made out as a fall-out of the non-cooperation or non performance of the bureaucrats. Now the officers too will have to take these expectations seriously and serve the people of Delhi. Kejriwal tackled the bureaucracy as his biggest challenge while running a government. It is difficult to work with the existing ranks of bureaucrats and bureaucracy

India is not stranger to the change of tone in public outreach programs and behavior of a party once they come to power – in fact, one of India’s favorite reasons to be cynical about the county’s politics is the obvious change in tone and color of a party’s approach once it wins. 

In a moment of near-brutal honesty Kejriwal admitted that the magnitude of the responsibility that has been placed on his shoulders scares him. "It scares me, the kind of hopes you have on me. But this is not just our government, it is your government. You have to help us succeed, you have to help us implement our ideas. I just hope that God gives us enough strength to fight all challenges," he said. With this declaration, Kejriwal, at least verbally addressed similar apprehensions among his voters and supporters.

Kejriwal hinted as making sweeping changes in the way of governing Delhi, in a language that people understand the best. He suggested that if any official ever asks for bribes, we should get a ‘setting’ with him. ‘Setting’ in colloquial Hindi means an arrangement where two parties stand to benefit equally. "I will give you a number in two days. You can call on this number and get corrupt officials caught red handed," he exhorted. He then washed his hands off the responsibility of re-poll in case Congress withdraws support from them. "I have been hearing some noise about us not coming out winners in the confidence vote that will take place in a week. If we don’t, we’ll go back to the voters and you’ll make sure that we win with a clear majority," he said. 

It is important here to notice, that Kejriwal’s governance pitch, continued to be one that demands honest and zealous participation from the people of Delhi, he then made the huge crowd at the Ramlila Maidan take an oath of honesty with him. Curiously enough, large sections of the crowd repeated with him, "We will neither give bribes, nor take bribes." 

Then, bringing in a hint of fun to the sombre occasion, he first apologized for his bad singing skills, but anyway went on to sing the party’s anthem in a wobbly, mostly out-of-tune voice. People saw in Kejriwal a very aam aadmi-like leader they longed to see for too long. .

Now what is more appealing to a regular aam aadmi than a leader to admits to fear, trepidation in a language he himself does? While most other emotions – sympathy, pain or concern – fear and apprehension is something that doesn’t sound as concocted. However, given that the political affections of the masses have always tilted towards the overwhelming, one wonders if Kejriwal’s raw ‘aam aadmi’ card would yield followers outside Delhi. 

A word for Common-man" party 

Congress party may not pull down the AAP government right now and the government would survive without difficulty because Congress party would not gain anything if they do it now. 

Anti-corruption is the slogan of the AAP party and the party now should make this theme of the government at all levels. 

The party would serve the nation well by n disallowing corrupt people in the government for whatever reason. The party should monitor the activities of all party leaders, functionaries, MLAs, ministers, among others, and punish those who are found guilty of bribery or service for monetary benefits or spoiling the party image as the common man’s party. 

That Delhiites could enacted regime change by elections, bringing in a new party, AAP, to serve the ordinary masses should generate enough enthusiasm all over India where people are genuinely fed up with bogus politics. Corrupt politicians and their parties use communal and other gimmicks to fool the people. AAP should help usher in new politics of quality that benefits ordinary masses and keep the corrupt people out of office and in jails. 

Power hungry people should have no place in a party like AAP which is committed to people, common people. Power hunger leads to rampant corruption in the government and society. Such people are a threat to AAP and nation. they should be shown door at the earliest before the decease spread further, wrecking the party and system. 

After the elections, the ruing party just ignores the voters and keep them out of bound for the swearing in ceremony and onward. As the first beginning of the new regime change, CM Kejriwal invited all voters and others to the swearing in ceremony. By making them a part of the ceremony the new government has enlisted their continued support of the masses. 

Delhites look to new government a lot more. Also, the people of India at large!

Common people deserve a lot , a lot more. 

Only dedicated political parties without hidden agendas can enlive their dreams. .