Democracy or hypocrisy

It is time for USA and other western powers stand up for true liberation of Egypt, Palestine and Kashmir

It is said, “When the spirit of people is vibrant wonderful things happen”. And one such ‘wonder’ is happening in Tahrir Square where the people are peacefully demonstrating every now and then against the Mubarak’s regime in thousands demanding the immediate termination of the Egyptian president.

The ‘wonder’ is that the whole world with America at the forefront is saying that this is the sign of people’s growing confidence in ‘democracy’!

Democracy; we were told by one of the American Presidents is a system which leads to the establishment of a government ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’. But today it seems to be a system whereby only America and other leading powers of the world have the right to choose the leaders and government of other countries regardless of what the population of that country wants. And thus Hamas and Taliban can’t rule Palestine and Afghanistan even if they have the majority of the respective citizenry in their support simply because America doesn’t want it! And so US think-tanks will try to ensure that Mubarak, if he leaves, is replaced by another man who is equally pro-American.

Egyptians have lived under the dictatorship of Mubarak for over three decades. But the current revolution should not be looked merely a demand for a new president. In Mubarak, Egyptians see the glimpse of tyranny and oppression. He is for them the representative of a system which is more American and west friendly than Egypt friendly. And thus their demand is a demand for the change of system. They want a new system and government body to emerge which will care about the life and interests of Egyptians and not merely of Americans and westerners. Their call, ‘Go Mubarak Go’ is the goodbye call to that very system which he himself represents. And America knows it very well and so do other powers of the world. And thus they are trying to hoodwink the people of the world by saying that people of Egypt have shown their trust in democracy. Democracy, new president and new interim body of ministers are all what they want!

People of Egypt very well know what the ‘American democracy’ is all about; they are already fed up with the democratization of Iraq and Afghanistan in last 10 years. And they also know the imprints of American and Israeli ‘democracy’ in Palestine, Chechen and Lebanon. And this is something which America and other world powers know very well and thus they are trying to get the Egyptian intifada in the other dimension. And they are very well using all the media to promote their understanding of the intifada rather than promoting the views of Egyptians. They are thus trying to portray those as the leaders of current intifada whose thoughts match the American interests. As an example the BBC has described ElBaradei as: "Leading Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei has joined thousands of protesters in Cairo…." The BBC has already given him the honour of ‘leading’ the opposition, when he has only been in the country since January 27, 2010.

Groups like Ikhwanul Muslimeen, Hizbut Tahrir and An Nahda believe in the radical change in the Egyptian government set up. ‘Radical’ in the sense that they not only want that resignation of Mubarak as such but a very strong change in the entire political set up and they want this change to be Islam specific. And this is the view which the Egyptian population by and large endorses. In fact in a number of surveys including the PEE Corporation for `world public opinion’ showed that more than 85% have voiced their demand for the return of Islam in their practical life. They want colonial politics to end once for all. The matter of the fact is that Mubarak himself knows what the people want, as he told to an Italian newspaper, “If we allow full democratic elections, then the Islamic people will get power!”.

Democracy in its very essence believes majority as the authority. So if the majority of Egyptians want a particular kind of government, even if it is Islamic, then why doesn’t America support it? Are the western powers and Americans afraid that parties like Ikhwanul Muslimeen and Hizbut Tahrir will get into power if they will allow free and fair democratic elections?

The reality is that the American government doesn’t like the ‘No’ expression. So it wants only those people and those parties in power who will give a ‘yes’ nod to every American ‘command’. And parties like Ikhwanul Muslimeen and Hizbut Tahrir are anti-Americans by their very nature and thus to avoid them, it is perfectly okay for America to deceive the whole world about the Egyptian revolution even if they claim to be the flag bearers of democracy.

Barack Obama while apparently supporting the Egyptians said, “The people of Egypt have rights that are universal. That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. And the United States will stand up for them everywhere,” One may ask that if this is what United States stands for then why don’t Palestinians have the ‘ability to determine their own destiny’ and why doesn’t USA stand by them instead of tapping the shoulder of its counterpart, Israel. And why is it that people of Kashmir are denied even the ‘right to peaceful assembly and association’ and why is it that USA is purely dumb in this regard. For over 63 years Kashmiris have been fighting for ‘right to self determination’, something which UN itself promised then why doesn’t America ‘stand up for Kashmiris’. All these examples are sufficient to prove that America is hoodwinking the whole world with its statements of Democracy and liberty.

It is time that the USA and other western powers stand up for true liberation and leave the business of deceit and deception. If they want true peace in the whole world, if they want tranquillity and brotherhood to prevail then they must respect the sentiments and aspirations of the people everywhere. Be it Egypt, Palestine or Kashmir for that sake, the world powers need to come forward in support of the wishes of people. Else their claims of democracy, liberty and peace will be seen as hollow and the world will record them as hypocritical, misleading and deceitful regimes.

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