Diplomacy, Dossier and Dr. Fai

Seven reasons, why? He should be decorated with Presidential award.Criticize Dr. Fai, or endorse his formidable contribution for Kashmir cause on various fronts. He defeated alone Indian lobby in uni-polar power hub, Washington D.C. He is back at seat of leadership with full energy, while, filling his own vacuum. His incarnation ultimately proved as blessings in disguise, when Judge O Greedy Judge of Eastern District of Virginia, United States ratifies his contribution in a sentencing verdict, when, dossier against him was presented by Mr. Kromberg. Dr.Fai was directed by Judge to continue his noble job of promotion of Kashmir issue and shall revive dormant Kashmir American council.

Dr.Fai,s return with full energy speaks volumes. He conducted 70 meetings in sidelines of United Nations office in New york with UN officials and diplomates since 2016. He participated in Denmark, Germany, Turkey conferences. He organized 11 processions in Washington D.C, received 37 delegations

He was not only back with honor but his contribution is stamped by judgment of Judge o-Grady on March 2012.while dropping the FARA offence leveled against him, said”. There are 20 years of intercepts and Mr.Kombring cannot stand in the court, with one example, of Dr.Fai, public statements or statement taken at a conference, that he sponsored, one word, which is anything that could be characterized as propaganda for Pakistan Government. Judge O-Neil reiterated that Dr.Fai is true patriot of Kashmir though he is a US citizen. Dr Fai’s, statements were consistent with his beliefs of the organization .If they happen to be with position of Pakistani government that does not make him agent of Pakistani Government.. The court wrote in the verdict that his mission of 25 years has been for to bring peace to Kashmir.

Diplomacy is an adjustment of the differences through negotiation but the complicated task of diplomat is influencing the action of decision makers. Dr Fai was main irritant in Indian eyes, It could not proved that if policy of the Pakistan and Kashmiris is same hence he is the Pakistani agent, was dropped by the judge

Dr Fai was being invited by the US president on special dinner once in year since five years particularly in Ramadan. He is most influential personality in the circles. He was in contact with Indian embassy in Washington also. He was having the message on his pager on same day from Indian embassy to play the rule when he was arrested.

It is understood India was lobbing against him and they were having reason but some people fished in troubled waters who were prone to make hay while sun shines played key rule, to make Dr.Fai to fall while trying to establish him as foreign agent. They were keen to set new stage in Dr Fai’s absence when Judge O Greedy ordered him to keep hammering for right to determination of Kashmiri people, it punctured many people, It is why judge said”. that Pakistan didn’t need to tell him, what is a topic that should be discussed at the international peace conference,. There were 2,700 mass graves discovered in Kashmir.

It right and ripe time that Dr. Fai should invited as special guest of state and shall be given guard of honor while decorating him with civil award to send the message to India.

There are nine reasons why Dr.Fai shall be specially invited on the invitation of President of Pakistan

To encourage Dr. Fai who have never compromised upon the ideology.
His remarkable contribution for just cause of Kashmir.
To strengthen the notion once for all in back drop of the Judge Greedy Kashmir’s and Pakistani line of actions resemble now and always.
He set an example that money don’t matter cause shall be paramount.
He is equally respected by entire shades of the life and opinion.
He never criticizes against any one whether his friend or foe, is epitome of humanity.
PhD scholar Dr.Fai a full time worker of Just cause To decorate him would receive overwhelming support of Kashmir community and leadersh