Disappearances: a riddle wrapped in an enigma

Will anybody pay attention to the excruciating tales of our youngsters who, for all intents and purposes, mysteriously cease to existence from the face of the earth without any trace or sign?

These are the stories of the people whose question of life is still unsolved and unexplained. But they are all fascinating because they force us to question the solidity of their existence in this world. They make us realize the importance of our dear ones.

Thousands of Kashmiri men, young and old, have gone missing thereby rendering their families to live in a state of constant fear. This happens to be more painful than one can realize because it is an old saying “Only the sufferer can feel the pain” (zaani sue jay yeth jayi tangul peyi). The mystery of their disappearance is still unsolved. These people have left for us only one thing that is wonder and amazement about where they are. Did they accidentally step into an unknown world or were they swallowed up by an aperture of this world? These are pretty far-out thoughts, to be sure of, but the circumstances of the following baffling disappearances will make you scratch your heads in puzzlement.

Where did these disappeared people go? Who will look after their families? Who will bring them back? Consider these questions and ask yourself and feel what their families are going through. Read the cases of the victims who have gone once and never came back to home.

Families of these people are desperately trying to locate their loved ones. Some minors, some adults, some husbands, some brothers and some fathers have gone missing and never came back, yet their families are waiting for them with a ray of hope in their eyes.

It’s difficult to dismiss such incredible stories when they take place in front of eyewitnesses. Here is a case of Nazir Ahmad Mir of Sheer Baramulla who was taken away in front of her wife and children about 23 years ago. He never came back to home again. His daughter Tasleema Nazir is still waiting for his return.

Most disappearances do not have witnesses, yet there are sometimes circumstantial evidence that is no less puzzling. This is the case of an 8th class student Irfan Ahmad Khan of Safa Kadal Srinagar and 10th class student Nazir Ahmad Wani of Baramulla who disappeared suddenly in 1994 and 2002 respectively. Both these innocent souls left home for school and never came back till date.

It hurts when I recall such cases because I have seen a lot of pain in the eyes of those married girls while listening to their tragic stories who have no idea where their husbands are. But these half widows did not lose hope and are still looking forward for the day when their husbands will return, expecting them to come back one day. Tahira from Baramulla and Haleema from Bandipora have lost their husbands some years back. In pursuit to locate their husbands, Tariq Ahmad and Manzoor Ahmad Baba, they used every available option but failed to locate them.

How can a sister resist pain of separation from her beloved brother. Dilshada and Hamida are desperately waiting for their brothers to come back. Bashir Ahmad Sofi is missing from June, 17 2003 and Mohmmad Ashraf Bhat went missing 23 years back.

Manzoor Ahmad Wani of Chatabal son of Shameema Wani went missing on March, 29 2003 and never returned back. Ajaz Ahmad Dar of Maisuma son of Taja Begum disappeared 22 years back at the age of 13. Taja Begum has two unmarried daughters and lives in vulnerable conditions but still they didn’t give up, they continue to fight.

While considering such mysterious cases, try to answer who is there to support them, the families of victims who have forgotten to live their own lives. Try to find out who will solve this riddle.