Dissemblance in politics

Transparency is the hallmark of democratic politics. Altruistic and populistic politics of an ideal democrat always persuades him to display catholicity, solicitude, benevolence and philanthropy whenever he makes an attempt to reach out to people to ingratiate with them. Sanity, suavity, propriety, probity, sobriety and compassion are the proud attributes of an ideological democrat who shows promptitude in identifying and empathizing himself with victimized and suppressed people irrespective of the ideas and ideology they profess. Janshakti Party chief and MP Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan, while addressing a seminar in Delhi, epigrammatized the plight of the victimized people of Kashmir in particular and Indian Muslims in general. He, like an ideal humanist and altruist, was candid, straightforward and upright when he dilated on Kashmir turmoil. He was vociferous in the expression of his aversion to the draconian laws like AFSPA and PSA. Showing his anguish and dismay over the human rights abuse and violations In Kashmir he vehemently emphasized the repeal of these draconian laws.

In a simulated democracy, chauvinists and pseudo-democrats, who always feel worried about their self-aggrandizement, want to preponderate through dissemblance, subterfuge, deceit, deception and, in fact, every mode of prevarication and shenanigans. Their fossilized ideas about aggressive nationalism turn out to be bane thereby creating scission and schism within the civil society. Bigotry, bias, parochialism, xenophobia, paranoia, callousness, predatoriness, obstreperousness and depredatory subjective arrogance are the detestable attributes which subsume under monolithic outlook of their aggressive nationalism and regressive conformism.

For Delhi imperialists secularism, the professed state doctrine of governance, is basically a political plank for imperialistic protrusion; it is, in fact, a mystifying ideological garb which camouflages their expansionistic designs. Secular democracy is more a myth than a reality. Reverberations of the heart-rending tragic episodes__demolition of Babri Masjid and assault on Golden Temple __ will perpetually haunt the heart of every sensitive citizen of South Asia. We will continue to lament and mourn the death of innocent Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits who were ruthlessly butchered and slaughtered in anti-minority riots during the past six decades. It was the Machiavellian and Chankiyan politics of dissemblance, deceit and deception which enticed and allured the proponents of expansionism to subjugate Junagarh and Hyderabad. Your hypocrisy and duplicity facilitated your invasion and military intrusion into Kashmir on Oct. 27, 1947 in contravention of the political aspirations and vox populi of Kashmiris. It was, in fact, your politics of dissemblance and deception which outmanoeuvred M. A. Jinnah on the one hand and galvanized some Kashmiri opportunists into anti-people activism on the other. These pawns, toadies and lackeys were prompt in propitiating you for their own self-aggrandizement. It was the same political dissemblance and deceit which taught you to create dissension in East Pakistan civil society through disinformation and apocryphal narratives. And eventually your quixotism and expansionistic adventurism facilitated your military intervention in East Pakistan in Dec. 1971. Well it is a different story that Bangladesh, in so far as its ideological moorings are concerned, is, in essence, a mini-Pakistan with its highly indoctrinated robust army always ready to embark on decisive blitzkrieg to frustrate your nefarious imperialistic designs.

Your abhorrent and profane policy of interventionism prompted you to instigate erstwhile Soviet Union against the Pak-friendly Afghan regime of Daud Khan. In Dec. 1979 Babrak Karmal __ while relishing the elimination of Daud Khan, Noor Muhammad Taraki and Hafizullah Ameen__acted as a perfect quisling and collaborator when Soviet Red army was poised to intervene in Afghanistan. Thus horrendous battle ensued there which lasted ten years; the internecine war eventually culminated in the dismemberment of Soviet Union thereby facilitating emergence of fourteen fragments as sovereign entities. This is how expansionist Bharat cut its mentor down to size. Thanks to the Indian political doctrine of dissemblance and deceit. Ego-centric irredentists of India are hell-bent on adding to the vulnerability and susceptibility of India through swanky and quixotic political and military adventurism in and outside South Asia. And still the strategists of this country rave over this paradoxical ravel and enigma. All those who dissect and anatomize socio-political problems objectively find themselves in a fix while making indepth study of the dynamics of Indian system. Consequentialist foreign policy aimed at ensuring the regime of credible coexistence and codependency can help you salvage the prestige which is presently eroded due to your expansionistic brinkmanship and brash obtrusive assertion.

Delhi chauvinists and fascists who are smitten by indelible bigotry and malignant dissemblance and deceit look upon Kashmiris as apparitions and phantoms they want to get rid of. Democratic clamour of Delhi rulers is mere braggadocio and self-deception. To be true Kashmiris feel completely disgusted with the totalitarian and authoritarian order of “Delhi durbar”, which banks on the credulity and gullibility of its pawns, toadies and sycophants here. Speculative and figurative coercive schemes of Delhi hawks to proselytize Kashmiris portend, foreshadow and presage something ominous which they cannot visualize due to their imperialistic mindset and fixation. How long will you make a mock of democracy in Kashmir? Who slaughtered and martyred about six hundred thousand Kashmiris including the three lakh Muslims of Jammu who lost their lives in mayhem and scourge of 1947__ the year when Indian army began to mow down Muslim population here? Who martyred Maqbool Butt, the resistance icon of Kashmir, in Tihar jail Delhi on Feb. 11, 1984? Who gibbeted Afzal Guru on Feb. 9, 2013 in the same Delhi prison? Why are Kashmiri resistance leaders and activists forced to languish in the concentration camps of India without any respite?

Kashmiris are fuming, sweltering and seething with anger and rancour because of the domineering and overbearing colonial attitude of Delhi hawks. The present ongoing movement spearheaded by MMM (Mutahidah Majlis-e-Mushawarat) is focusing on the demand for the transfer of corpses of Maqbool Butt and Afzal Guru from Delhi to Srinagar for ceremonial burial. Delhi fascist hawks aggravated the situation by superciliously rejecting the demand. And Srinagar puppet government, while obsequiously toeing the line of its mentors, added fuel to the fire by ordering police crackdown against the resistance leaders and activists. Jails were already jam-packed when authorities swooped on the resistance stalwarts like Shabir Ahmad Shah, Nayeem A. Khan, Ashraf Sehrai, Ayaz Akbar, M. Yousuf Naqash and Gh. Nabi Zaki. And house arrest of senior resistance leaders Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik rendered the situation more complicated, confounded, flummoxed and deteriorated. Thus Kashmir plunged into inextricable and ineluctable crises due to the politics of dissemblance and deceit of Delhi colonialists.

Delhi liege lords should try to understand, fathom and decipher that it is MMM, not your prot?g?, that is ruling the roost and calling the shots here. Kashmiris, in mystic life, are pliant, supple, unassuming, malleable and ductile; however, in resistance politics, they are unimaginably uncompromising, resolved, committed and resiliently obstinate. So the imperiously impervious rulers of India should realize that an endeavour and attempt to stultify and neutralize the resistance movement of Kashmir is an exercise in futility. The torch of our freedom movement will continue to incandesce and glow with added dazzle. Kashmiris__without swerving, wavering or flinching__ill face trials and tribulations with indomitable will and valour to sustain the movement till it reaches a logical and cherished pinnacle of prominence and success.

Delhi rulers without getting mired in the marsh of uncertainty and unpredictability, should decolonize Kashmir which you tried to strangulate and subjugate through every coercive battering ram. Divest yourselves of festering dissemblance, adhere to the commitment regarding plebiscite in Kashmir and review your policy of expansionistic interventionism. That is a way to scour off the slur and blemish of your imperialistic notoriety. The state of stasis, stagnation, stalemate and deadlock cannot be a permanent feature of Indo-Pak relations. Kashmiris find themselves on the receiving end due to obsessive animosity, bellicosity and hostility of the two nuclear powers in our neighbourhood. And ultras of Kashmir are not hostages to ossifying expediency. They would want to add to your vulnerability.

In the backdrop of our dialectics regarding the resistance movement of Kashmir we, due to impelling disposition to canonical concept of caliphate (Khalafat), find it a privilege to identify ourselves with OIC, the representation forum of Muslim Ummah, and make an appeal to the assertive Muslim rulers to (i) work in unison to achieve the objective of metaphysical harmony and homogeneity through emphasis on nonconformism and eclecticism (ii) countervail and counterpoise the Indian expansionistic obtrusion and supremacist mentality through collective efforts of political and diplomatic discourse and dialectics.

Author is patron of JK Mahaz-e-Azadi. Email: mahazmedicell@gmail.com