Dr Fai sentenced to 2 years in USA

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WTW) — A U.S.-based Kashmiri activist has been sentenced to two years in prison for concealing his links to Pakistan’s spy agency while he lobbied members of Congress.

Sixty-two-year-old Syed Fai was the longtime executive director of the Washington-based Kashmiri American Council. He was sentenced Friday in federal court in Alexandria.

Last year he pleaded guilty to using a network of straw donors to hide the fact that Pakistan had provided him with $3.5 million in funding. He knew such a disclosure would harm his credibility as a supposed independent advocate for Kashmir, a disputed territory between India and Pakistan.

Prosecutors had sought a four-year prison term. The defense had sought probation.

Fai said after the hearing that he considers his sacrifice worthwhile for the cause of Kashmiri independence.