Dr Fai’s arrest – what for India is upbeat?

Soon after his release on bond by an American court which put him under house arrest, the Kashmir American Council director Ghulam Nabi Fai, accused of funneling money into the US to influence lawmakers on Kashmir, said in a written statement: ‘It has been my life long commitment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, irrespective of their religious background and cultural affiliations to help achieve the right of self determination to decide their future. God willing I will continue to do that in days, weeks, months and years to come.

            Though allowed ‘home detention’ Fai has been put on electronic surveillance with a radio tag around his ankle. Obviously to prevent him having contact with foreign government or anyone alleged in the affidavit.

            The release of 62-year old Kashmir-born US citizen comes in the wake of a vilification campaign India media launched against Fai, his KAC and pro-resistance leadership of Kashmir. The tempest raised even unnerved and embarrassed those Indian scholars, journalists, rights activists and eminent public figurers who to lobby their Indian case on Kashmir participated in the seminars and conferences Fai organized from time to time. The reaction to the arrest of Fai in India has been overheated and hilarious.

            The release although is not acquittal and Fai’s fate still hangs in balance till the final disposition of the case, yet the gloomy faces of the anchors and the panelists do not look that smart and blossoming as in the first stint.

            Some questions arise from the manner in which US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department pursued the case and jubilations beamed out from Indians. First, did FBI suddenly stumble on the failure of the Fai to disclose the source of the funds with which he operated his KAC and ‘influenced’ people on Kashmir and organized conferences and seminars, right under the nose of the US establishment? Is Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence the only agency that hired services of people to further their national interests in America and some other important capitals abroad?
            Dr Fai who has migrated from Kashmir in 1979 and a long-time US resident has been carrying on his ‘life-long commitment’ to help people of Kashmir ‘achieve RSD to decide their future’. In broad day light, under the full glare of US authorities; and for the last 32 years. Dr Fai has gained considerable access in Capitoll Hill and was known to have close association with some powerful men in political and administrative structure of US. The FBI has charged Dr Fai for violating US law that makes it obligatory for a person working for or accepting money from the foreign government to disclose information regarding source of funding. The FBI accused Fai of acting as an ‘agent’ of Pakistan government, thereby accepting USD four million from the ISI to influence US government on its Kashmir policy.

                        Inherent in the accusation lies the admission that Dr Fai has been given a leeway by the US administration in itself to further the interests of Pakistan. Otherwise how could have business transactions (funding) remained hidden from a country which is enriched with highest advanced technology and virtually exercises a monopoly on electronic surveillance. Moreover, Dr Fai was acknowledged as a friend of America by the US administration. He was an ardent supporter of former Pakistan president General Musharraff’s four-point formula for Kashmir resolution which essentially had American backing.

            Stunning geopolitical reality is dawning on pentagon and White House and US is barely staving off defeat (rather it has started tasting it) and is making way out of Hind Kush (with time line for the drawdawn of troops beginning by ending 2011), and that makes Washington jittery. Like a pugnaciously bad tempered husband who starts beating his wife at a whiff of a pretext for returning defeated from the gambling every evening, US flogs Pakistan for not having Afghanistan won for him and thrown at its feet.

            America is not satisfied even when its Drone-arrogance routinely tears apart Pakistan territorial sovereignty or when murderer of two innocent civilians of Pakistan Raymond Davis is shamelessly handed over by Islamabad and when on Operation Geronimo EKIA to hunt Osama Bin Laden Pakistan is left nursing its wounds US inflicted on its national ‘dignity’ ‘honor’ and ‘pride’ .

             Afghanistan is causing sleepless nights to US. But before leaving from it the country in bruised pride (US) wants to make Pakistan ‘pay the price’ for US follies. Its cozy relationship to India and the latest endeavor to create Indian strategic depth in Afghanistan soon its exit points to how ‘naturally’ it is ‘allied’ to India. Don’t forget the warning that bellowed from the floating “court” of that Lady Clinton: ‘We won’t allow any country in the neighborhood of India to become the terrorist hub’. The antennae of hubris she directed at Islamabad while enjoying the hospitality of India.
Fai’s arrest has come on the wake of Clinton’s visit to India and days after ISI director-general Lt. General Shuja Pasha was summoned to Washington where Islamabad yielded to US diktat’s of granting visas to 87 spying agents of American intelligence agency CIA. Too simple to pick out “Darling Terai Liyai ….”

            In ways similar to ISI, there are other intelligence agencies throughout world which too act as ‘agents’ of their government to further the interests of their states. Lest we may be bracketed as an ISI agent here we quote from the editorial of what a respected English daily of India “the Hindu” 25 July 2011 to supplement our view: ‘Most intelligence agencies further the interests of their countries in similar ways, even in less important capitals; some agencies are more competent than others at achieving their goals and masking their own involvement’. The world has witnessed CIA, FI6, MOSAD, KGB, RAW, and scores of other intelligence agencies in funding their ‘agents’ for carrying on the lobbying work in ‘influencing’ people who hold key positions in power and administration. CIA itself did it in Pakistan. The Abattabad operation saw crores of American dollars reach to its agents in Pakistan. No ‘Pakiyai daman kie kahani’, everyone has its hem smeared in black.

            And why Indians are rejoicing on Fai’s episode? Two things they must remember. Whether Dr Fai, Prof. Nazir Shawl or A Majid Trumbo are restricted from carrying on their activities in US or Brussels or London, Kashmir will still remain an albatross for India. Two, America has no permanent friends, it has only its permanent interest.