Dynamics of global resistance

We are proud of the mysticism-based tribalism of Afghanistan. Afghan tribalism— the relic and monument of Islamic monistic traditionalism, puritanism and mystic mannerism— always inspired and imbued Afghanis with bravery and gallantry to take on their adversaries which wanted to denude and deprive them of their cherished theistic values and national shibboleth. It is really deplorable that USA, instead of fraternizing with Afghanis after the withdrawal of Soviet forces from the war-ravaged Afghanistan in 1989, turned its back on Afghanistan the victor of war, and began to look upon Afghanis as spectres, phantoms, ghouls and ghosts of horror and terror. The epitomizing giants of self-respect and chivalry were ditched, deserted and jettisoned superciliously and unceremoniously even without a modicum of remorse, compunction and angst. NATO military hawks still fail to fathom that Afghan civil society of militant ambiverts is disparate and distinct in its form and format. Afghanis, conscious of their integrity and prestige as freedom loving votaries of resistance, are averse to adulation, sychophancy, servility and obsequiousness. The chauvinistic expansionists of East and West seem to be working in collusion to beleaguer and ambuscade these self-respecting people who find themselves ghettoized in the inhospitable rugged terrain of Afghanistan. Arrogant imperialistic forces of the capitalist bourgeoisie relish their domineering jackbooted activism which is aimed at chastising, vituperating, smashing, strafing and battering Afghanis. How long will chauvinists of the world continue to concoct and fabricate the cocktail stories about the seeming dichotomic ideological polarization within the Afghan civil society. Civilized freedom loving people of the world hold all the Afghanis including Taliban in esteem for their commitment to the cause of freedom. Your dour and daunting behavior is simply adding to the alienation of Afghanis.

The resistance forces of Afghanistan are determined to strain every nerve to repulse, parry, thwart and ward off the abhorrent aggressiveness of the obdurate antagonists of the west. USA and other co-belligerent NATO adventurists, without understanding the dynamics of Afghan tribalism and the contours of its mystic introversion and intuitivism, embarked upon the ill- conceived aggressive and offensive military activism ostensibly to look for and hunt down the “recusant dissident Osama-bin-Laden” — the bogeyman and bugbear that remained haunting their mind for several years. In fact it is USA which blazed a trail in Afghan adventurism in eighties when the supremacist USA tamed and groomed Afghanis as “Vanguard Mujahideen” pitted against Soviet Union. Providence, under the law of retribution, can transcendentally orchestrate a show of empire breakup reminiscent of and analogous to the dismemberment of USSR, if the humanists and altruistic democrats of the western civil society fail in reining in and leashing the obstreperous aggressive forces of onslaught unleashed by the Occidental hawks. Now freaked, infuriated, agonized and anguished Afghanis are being bludgeoned and coerced into submission through military hot pursuit and battering ram. Afghanis, who have been lamenting and mourning the death of their compatriots in their monody, epicedium and elegy for the last 32 years, feel wary of the world around. It is, of course, stark reality that they are not feeling weary of resistance.

The trenchant purgatory and purificatory democratic movements of the Third World countries should— through concourse, synergy and symbiosis of ideas and concatenated and colligated efforts of resistance— extricate and retrieve the impoverished and brutalized countries from the gyre and vortex of western outrage, unilateralism, hegemonic preponderance and onslaught. Sustained and enduring resistance of the adherents of freedom and honour will eventually and inevitably restore dynamic equilibrium of the contending global political forces. This is how you can eradicate global inequity and open up new vistas of hope and optimism where humiliated and dispossessed people will feel relaxed, relieved, innervated and invigorated. Your dogmatism in democratic dissent will certainly turn out to be a panacea and salutary salve for the metaphysical wounds of the vandalized countries.

Pakistan should introduce and adduce Z.A.Bhutto as savior of the East, revolutionary leader of the proletariat and pioneer of the technophilic advancement of Pakistan in particular and Muslim Ummah in general. Anti-Islamic forces, the world over, are engaged in a nefarious, ulterior and sinister smear campaign against Pakistan to derogate and detract its ideological potence and essence. It is high time when Pakistanis should assert as conscious and conscientious democratic zealots to give a rebuff and rebuttal to their adversaries. As a matter of fact Pakistanis are not warmongers. It is the chauvinism and fascism of capitalist bourgeoisie which is trammelling, stymieing and obstructing their march to peace, progress and prosperity. It is the obtrusive military activism of the West which is creating gulf, scission, schism and dissension in the global civil society. It is the Machiavellian politics of the western obscurantists which is fostering and abetting the trends of schismatic dissent in Asian and African countries to abase and abash the pauperized populace there. Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran adopted a high profile stance as Asian citizen in Istanbul (Turkey) press conference on May 10, 2011 while dwelling on global politics and castigating the West for its military adventurism  in central Asia. He, without mincing words, asked the western imperialist powers to decolonize Asian regions. The sporadic incidents of violence— the filthy war splith of NATO military adventurism in Afghanistan— should arouse and awake Pakistanis and blend and cobble them together as a highly conscious ideological nation having unflinching faith in God Almighty and exuding indomitable will and invincible valour to face the situation so challenging and exacting. And eclecticism, nonconformism and inquisitiveness will conveniently facilitate their pursuit of and scramble for higher ideological objectives: dawah, democratic assertion for egalitarian justice, acquisition of the position of prominence in the field of science and technology.

It is imperative that Russian and Chinese leaders remain on the qui vive and vigilant like eagles in the global political theatre. If they bludge and shirk the responsibility and fail in checkmating the onslaught of the capitalist imperialists in Asia and Africa, the day is not far when the scourge of violence will engulf these countries as well; and this tragic situation will be a prelude to and precursory of colonization of the East. After all, who will checkmate and thwart the state-terrorism of USA and NATO nations? Culpability and accountability is an issue here. Violent ultraism of an individual or a group is, in fact, a by-product and logical dividend of state-terrorism. All those who are serious and sincere in their yearning and longing for global peace should understand the dynamics of global resistance and anti-West insurgency in Asia and Africa. You have to make a psychoanalysis of the enigmatic situation of unrest and insurrection in the East. The doctrine of progress revisionism should galvanize Russian and Chinese leaders into proactive diplomatic and political peripateticism to create a viable deterrence against onslaught of the West.

Asian leaders with superb wisdom, intellectual radiance and effulgence, should take an initiative for thwarting and impeding the Occidental effrontery of aggressive obtrusion which is aimed at mortifying and debasing the vulnerable but self-respecting countries of Asia in particular and the Third World countries in general. And India and Pakistan— as Asian neighbours, as democracies, as repositories of common heritage of history and culture— should work for mutual coexistence and not for anachronistic regressive nationalism and chauvinistic one-upmanship for which Kashmiris are being used as expendable pawn. So prioritize early peaceful and honourable settlement of Kashmir issue.

Muhammad Azam Inqilabi
Chief-Patron Jammu Kashmir Mahaz-e-Azadi
Nageen, Hazratbal, Srinagar, Kashmir