Efforts for resumption of dialogue with India ongoing: Pak ‘India using state terrorism to break Kashmiri peoples’ will’

Pakistan Thursday said efforts for the resumption of dialogue with India are ongoing and the top officials from the two sides have met recently.
Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Mohammad Faisal also said that Pakistan has never refused to hold dialogue with India.
He also talked about Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria’s meeting with Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Naseer Khan Janjua this week in Islamabad.
“Also, our High Commissioner in New Delhi had met with the Indian NSA. Efforts for resumption of dialogue are ongoing. We will let you know of the developments, if any,” Faisal said.
After the meeting between Bisaria and Janjua on Tuesday, Pakistan’s NSA Office issued a statement saying the two discussed matters pertaining to improving the bilateral relations including the recent worsening situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
The statement said that both sides agreed to explore the possibilities of more cooperation and of improving bilateral relations to ultimately take it towards comprehensive process of dialogue.
The FO accused India of using “state terrorism” to break the will of the Kashmiri people.
The Foreign Office’s statement came after Indian forces on Sunday killed 13 militants and four civilians in three operations in south Kashmir districts of Anantnag and Shopian in J&K.
“Our Kashmiri brothers and sisters have been subjected to extreme brutalities and human right violations by India during the last week,” Faisal said at a weekly briefing.
“This mindless killing spree exposes, yet again, the ugly, inhuman face of the state-terrorism that India has been perpetrating against the Kashmiris for decades,” he said.
“We have repeatedly pointed out that the Kashmiri youth is being deliberately and systematically targeted with a view to breaking the will of the Kashmiri people.”
India has been maintaining that it is Pakistan that is using state-sponsored terrorism against it and has repeatedly asked the international community to take tough action against the country.
Faisal said Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi called a special meeting of the Federal Cabinet and the National Security Committee of the Cabinet to review the situation in Kashmir.
He said the Foreign Minister and the Foreign Secretary today also briefed the Heads of Missions of various nations in Islamabad regarding “Indian brutalities and atrocities on the innocent Kashmiris”.
Faisal said Pakistan will observe April 6 as Kashmir Solidarity Day.