Eid-ul-Azha and Kashmir unrest

Eid-ul-Azha is a lesson in forbearance and fortitude. It also tells us that for attaining a sacrifice of any sort, even of something as dear and precious as life should be made. The sheer magnitude of sacrifice in material or spiritual terms may not result in scare; hence submission to what is not right.

The battle for rights in Islam has a different connotation, what is generally conceived in a materialistic assessment of rights.
In Islam, no borders are recognized. The concept of global village without man made barriers is enshrined in the teachings of Islam. And Kul Arz/Ard-ul-Allah-the planet earth belongs to Allah; here we may live as per his dictates. The question does arise-is human will of any importance? The answer is a resounding-YES! The world view of Islam is not dictatorial.  There is pre-destination as well as free well. As Allama Iqbal explains in his masterly treatise ‘Reconstruction of religious thought in Islam’, a book which is a compilation of his lectures in Madras, creativity in Islam has two aspects-Khalq and Amr! Allama Iqbal stresses and rightly so that no other idiom except the Quranic idiom has these two distinct words to explain the two intertwined aspects of creation. The root word of ‘Khalq’ is ‘Takhliq’ or creation. This applies to physical aspect only, while as ‘Amr’ applies to spiritual self. The physical self is dictated and it has to perish, it exists, till it is destined. But it is by the spirit that the man lives and that will never perish. While as physical self shows decay, the spiritual self may glow, if the right path-Sirat-al-Mustaqim is adopted. Repeatedly a Muslim in a five time prayer during the day reaffirms his resolve to tread the right path, as also the resolve not to tread the path, which is not right.

As Allah ordained the sacrifice by a father of his son, the whole exercise was meant to emphasize upon the father-Syedena Abraham (AS) and upon the son-Syedena Ishmael (AS) that physical self may perish, as it is ordained to, however in sacrificing it in the path of Allah spiritual self shall glow, it is imperishable. In battle of rights, anywhere in the world, Kashmir included, this has to be kept in mind. There is a rider however, the battle should be for attaining a just order, and doing away with all that is unjust! And the battle for rights ought to be free of hatred. The concept of universal love and peace-Sulh-i-Kul-total peace should be the ultimate objective!