Embarrassment for the Darbar

                2008-2010 mass uprising (Intifadah) has completely wobbled up the entire thin king apparatus of India. The brutalization of the people by the Indian army , paramilitary forces and other assisting agencies has made the Delhi Darbar (Indian Establishment) nurse a false hope that Kashmiris have been suppressed to the level they cannot dare to rise again. However, the manner  the subjugated people have risen phoenix-like  for the proverbial ashes unarmed and exposed their bare chests to Indian bullets and pellet guns snatched that last straw of hope from, them. ‘kashmiris, they have realized , ‘cannot be bludgeonised ‘into submission through military might’. Kashmiris, the revisited strategy guided Darbar, have to be drugged to deception of ‘normalcy’ and thus, slowly but steadily, depreciate their Azadi resolve.

                With the illusion nestling in their bosoms, post-Intifadah witnessed a flurry of activities from Indian government, political class, NGOs, civil society , academia, business tycoons and media nawabs. An effort is made through seminars , conferences, Sadhbhavana-type army engagements and sports contests to occupy every inch of mind space of  kashmiris youth and wash it off the basic sentiment commitment. Kashmir university  , in particular , has become a hub of this pro-activism . with professor Talat as vice chancellor , this highest seat of learning  has been converted into a fiefdom of Establishment aimed more to change the dominant discourse , less concentrate on academics. The “Indian Muslim” connection (an inherent fear) is seducing Prof. Talat to prove his loyalty to Darbar. So he crawls down in tearing haste where just bending would have been enough. 

                He is acting as an conduit of Indian Establishment to control, and reshape the behavior pattern of students of Kashmir university. The students of KU are sons of the soul and are not only with flesh and bones, they have mind and soul too. They are aware of the history and struggle for freedom. They know how Darbar wreaked havoc on kashmiris people for  the just demand . to just convey this pent up anger against the aggressive and suppressive methods of the system these students have often remained seated  the time Indian national anthem is played during visits by state dignitaries. On Monday, last week , the students and some faculty members of law department did not stand up in respect of Indian national anthem on arrival of Chief Justice of India, ALtamish kabir, the High court judges and other judicial staff. Last year Governor of JK State N N Vohra, Congress Leader Rahul Ghandi suffered embarrassment when students of KU remained seated when Indian national anthem was played. 

                As If university students wert-e juvenile delinquents , the VC derived a pleasure in explaining, ‘a lot of the students are new to the university’.

                And to satiate his latent anger the embarrassment fuelled in him the VC delivered the threat: ; ‘we know how to handle them. We are working on it and we will sensitize the students’.

                Mr. VC, the entire Establishment has energized all its efforts and pooled in all state resources to ‘sensitize’ kashmiris and break the will of people. They didn’t succeed. And surely you cannot. Though we know, your wearing Indianess on your sleeves might herald extension to your service and entitle you to some other ‘gallantry awards’ and cash awards. But students of KU who are part of the struggle will always devise many more novel methods of protest to cause humiliation and embarrassment to Darbar and its stooges, you included.

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