Enjoying insanity

                                                It is a sad commentary on the dichotomous behavior of the pro-Indian groups of whatever political and ideological persuasions they are rooted in that they put on different robes at different occasions . To      hoodwink people in Kashmir they swear at Delhi and muck every curse at its doorsteps. But in private parleys and meetings ensure Delhi of their unquestionable stooge character. When and where it matters {e.g in election or summits like the one organized by Hindustan Times} they act as shock-absorbing tools against severest  criticism directed at the Indians and bale India out of the worst.
                Here is a sample. ‘If we were to base our Kashmir policy on the ideological values of democracy,  rule of law and tolerance’, stresses Mehbooba Mufti in Summit , ‘we will expand the constituency of peace at the micro-level of individuals as well as institutions’. Asking New Delhi to address ‘trust deficit’ the shrewd woman politician says , ‘what should remain the core of fairness is the right of the people       of Jammu and Kashmir to move across the borders, unfettered and hassle-free’. Loosening the strings of her duplicity pouch the media savvy PDP leader calls for having ‘uncontrolled access to its {Jammu and Kashmirs} resources and the bounties of nature’ and opening up of ‘traditional road links with  outside world’.
                A  re-read and you will feel the       pulse of the narrative.   The lines and phraseology do reflect where lies the heart of the lady. With whom she jells in sentiments and the strands of the ‘Kashmir policy’ she p[points to.  It is a ‘within India’ discourse and cuts at the ideological basis of the resistance movement. It is, in euphuism, asking Kashmir to give a farewell of their      sacred cause and reconcile to the ‘fait accompli’. As if offering  over one lakh of their dearest ones and undergoing worst trauma and sufferings was just a romance, a gossip.
                The ‘constituency of peace’    she wants to expand on sprawling grave yards and on the burial of the basic sentiments has to, believe her, sweep anew. Where the killer and gang rapists  in uniform, those who indulged   in custodial killings and un-named mass graves have not to be touched, as they are ‘sacred cows’ and ‘leaders’ like Mehbooba Jee are their “devoted  worshippers”, {After all, without invoking their “blessing” they can’t enjoy free-movement , nor can have their leadery survived}.
                It is not only the Indian Generals who regard AFSPA as a ‘divine scripture’, Mehbooba too believes that and does not want to disturb the Genarlocracy on their  ‘delicate’ issue. That is why she brags in the Summit ‘majority of Indian Army is very disciplined’ and ‘we feel the security forces have done a commendable joy’.
                In Kashmir Mehbooba drools out her anger on Delhi’s and Indian army’s opposition on AFSPA revocation demands, here  at                    the  Delhi’s Summit she, taking a leaf from General Ata Hasnain’s        and Defense Minister Antony’s books cautions in ‘taking everybody on board’. None could excel Mehbooba Jee  in playing to the gallery.
                As far as Dr. Faroq Abdullah and his NC is concerned, they are  the  most reliable political lackeys of New Delhi. They can drink in from whatever source the power springs from. They can sup with RSS and Congress both. To please New Delhi they ask them to bomb Azad Kashmir. And what not. And the very character they revealed in the Summit ‘JK accede to India by its own will’, Dr. Farooq Abdullah grumbled. Just one    question. What far are the AFSPA and PSA parallel regimes holding people of Kashmir to hostage? Only an insane can enjoy such gossip. Indian-democracy is throwing surprises. Those who should be  referred to psychiatrists are invited at Summits. The earth seems getting flat!