EU delegation in Kashmir: A fact-finding a fact-garroting mission

    With life wrenched out of the body structure, the eyes of revenge have to bend in reverence for the dead.  That is the minimum humanity aspires from a triumphant. And since the ‘dawn of civilization’ nations all over the world have committed themselves o this principle. The bodies of dreaded murders or terrorists of getting killed in an encounter  are either to be handed over to their legitimate heirs or, in the absence, their last remains handled with care and treated in sheer religious customs of the deceased.

    The former Indian prime minister Indra Ghandi was brutally assassinated by two of her confident Sikh body-guards in the compound of her official residence in 1985 in  the after matrh of Golden Temple the sacred shrine of Sikh community attack she ordered to flush out the Bindranwalla and his ‘terrorist’ band. The two assassins were hanged following a court verdict. But their dead bodies were not disrespected by the authorities. All their religious rites were observed in accordance with their religious teaching.  There are scores of examples . the point we want to drive home is this: Why hackles of displeasure  bordering on condemnation, be raised when at some place  across the globe funeral prayers were offered for the slain Al-Qaeda leader, killed in Abatabad  military action by the American troops. If death washes off every stain of enmity, as it surely  does, why long faces are drawn from the champions of human  values and human dignity on asking or God’s mercy to the ‘enemy’ killed. And, ,more so, why double-standards are maintained on a slow but systematic genocide of Muslims being carried out by power-intoxicated in different parts of the world?

    As in different places in the world, in Kashmir also funeral prayers of Osama bin Ladin were held. The two pro-movement leaders Syed Ali Geelani and Shabeer Ahmad Shah participated in the funeral prayers. But in a surprising move the visiting delegation of the European Union envoys called off their proposed meeting with the Hurayat Conference Chairman Syed Ali Geelani. The five-member delegation was scheduled to meet Geelani at his residence on  14 May Saturday afternoon. The delegation could not digest Geelani’s remarks on the Osmas’s  killing and the way his dead body was disposed off in the deep sea. That is why the delegation ‘considers it inappropriate to hold the meeting’. The EU team also skipped a meeting with the Kashmir Bar Association they were scheduled to meet late afternoon.

    Reacting to the EU action,Geelani said: ‘we have made it clear that we can have differences with the ways of Osama but disrespecting his body was a grave human right violation. We were expecting that EU which claims to be a champion of human rights would also raise its voice against this shameful incident. But by staying away, they have dishonored the majority will of Kashmiris’. Echoing its surprise the Bar said:’ …either the delegation members are not being allowed to met the relevant and concerned sections of the society or they don’t want to know the truth about the ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir’.

    It is a conduct unbecoming of a delegation visiting Kashmir to know the ground reality. On both, moral and political grounds, the EU group’s decision sounds illogical and condemnable. Quarantining Geelani for holding funeral prayers for Osama, as we mentioned above, itself  exposes the neutral stance of the delegation and the European Unions claims on human dignity. Osama was killed by Navy seals of the US when he was unarmed and brutally killed before his family members. When the other option, capturing him alive , could have been availed of. The savagery the US demonstrated in shooting down an aged and physically weak person surpassed the brutality of primitive warriors, and in doing that, made a mockery of the several international conventions. It is this ‘beyond recognition’ body of assassinated Osama, White House pleads, that, prevents it to publish the pictures. Then the highly provocative sacrilegious affront Americans made in throwing the ody in the Indian Ocean-Muslims bury  the dead in graves after performing his bath and funeral prayers. This  kind of beastliness and profanity the EU should have condemned vehemently. Far from doing so they have further deepened the wounds of Muslims in refusing to meet the leader who showed  courage against the shameful incident.   

    Whether one accepts or not, Geelani, at present, is a formidable voice in the state and has a mass following. His word matters. No solution holds water on Kashmir political turf in ignoring or bypassing the leader, who is at the zenith of popularity for his steadfastness and perseverance he betrayed for the cause of freedom. The fact that got echoed in the dejected voices of Ram Jeth Malani, Daleep Padgaunkar and General Musharaf’s time Foreign Minister of Pakistan Kasoori . It is on record that both Malani, who headed Kashmir Committee in a decade before, of which Padgaunkar (who heads the three-member interlocution team on Kashmir at now)  was a member have stated that their efforts to find a ‘within Indian Constitution’ solution scuttled only because Geelani opposed ,otherwise they had taken all other ‘separatists’ on board. Kasooree too articulated the same frustration and candidly accepted that Geelani  was the only leader  who had ehemently opposed General parvez Musharaff’s’four point plan’. This is how the political atmosphere is prevailing here.

    Nothing close to soluble can be achieved by meeting what you term as ‘moderates’ and avoiding what you dub as ‘extremists’. Geelani represents the sentiments of an overwhelming majority people. Unfortunately ,the European Union seems replicating American behavior. It likes all the political tides controlled rather monopolized.

    Strange the visiting diplomats also cancelled meeting with Kashmir Bar Association .after all the Bar has not organized Osama’s funeral prayers. Nor it is bracketed with any political organization. It is a body of learned people with different persuasion, having a valley-wide representation. Staying away from her, the EU has not been fair to its own name and fame. The cancelation has proved beyond doubt that, as the Bar secretary, has rightly said that the delegation members ‘do not want to know  the truth about the ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir’. But the attempts to reduce relevant forces irrelevant and pop up irrelevant ones to tailor to your ambition have always proved counter productive. Was then the EU visit to Kashmir a ‘fact finding’ or a ‘fact-garroting’ mission?