Fallout of Smitten Conscience Aura of fear-psychosis in Kishtwar

Hassan Zainagairi
though numerically the largest component of the population in JK state have
been virtually reduced to the second class citizens, reminiscent of Dogra
autocratic dynastic era. Had democracy been allowed to flourish the majority
community would have left its imprints in all the key governmental posts and
decision making bodies. Unfortunately, however, under a systematic plan
reflective of biased mentality 
Muslims are getting poor
representation in the higher position in the secretariat, police and
administrative apparatus. Even in other higher ranks they are exceeded by Hindu
minority which barely make thirty percent of the population. 
      Pro-Indian regional parties like NC and
PDP which believe in status quo-that is denying Kashmiris their right to self
determination they are resolutely pursuing at-are used by Delhi Darbar as a
fig-leaf to cover all its imperialistic designs. Whether it be robbing
Kashmiris (read Muslims) of its civilizational and cultural moorings, of its
history, of its independent character, of its water and mineral resources,
power projects, forests, glaciers, meadows,-practically everything precious and
linked to their survival-these Trojan Horses of Darbar have only one “cause” to
serve, to please their lords in Delhi in lieu of the political fortunes the quid pro quo equation demands. That obsession
virtually cast them in the role of Indian agents. So if entire Kashmir gets
drenched in the blood, if NHPC or Amarnath Shrine Board carve their own
sovereign authority  in our state, if
enquiries and commissions bring nothing but ridicule, if Kashmiris are weeded
out from positions of authority they have to act as show-pieces of Indian
secularism and democracy to hoodwink the world.
                      In such a situation every
Kashmiri, whether he lives in valley or in Chenab
and Pir Panchal region, will always find himself on the receiving end. He would
feel the entire political and administrative machinery, right from the Thana to the state head,
conspires to suck him in the imperialistic groove, a sure passport for building
career and ambitious plans. An entrenched instinct fuels the careerists,
whether in politics or in administration, to believe that more they pulverize a
Kashmiri, more the court room in Delhi
thunders in applause and celebrate their brutalization. Machil fake encounter
(one out of a dozen of such gut-wrenching tragedies) or Asiya-Nelofar rape and
murder or the way a hundred youngsters were brutally made a fodder of
Darbar’s  hubris and prejudice or the
recent Bandipora and Gool killings  when  accepted as a  routine by power lust  politicians the fall out of this smitten  conscience  on weak subjugated are not difficult to assess. 
                      The aura of fear-psychosis and sense of
helplessness palpably felt among the Muslim majority in Kishtwar is a case in
point. First they the were subjected to a Gujarat like frenzy in which Saffron
brigade, under a pre-planned conspiracy, duly and strongly supported by Village
Defence Committees (private milliatia  armed and funded by state and mainly of Hindus  loyal to RSS ideology)  and connived at by the district
administration, tried to do what it did in Gujarat. Imagine a Minister of state
for Home Sajad Kichloo scrambles for safety and finds himself ‘lucky not to be
lynched by Hindu fanatics’ (his own admission), what would have been the fate of
Muslims, more so of those in Hindu majority areas. Lasa Muhammad was dragged
out of police station in Paddar where he has gone to seek protection from VDCs
and next day his dead body was recovered from the Nalla. A physically disabled
Bashir Ahmad of Sagram Batla was torched to death by goons of Bajrang Dal. So
much emboldened were the Hindus communalist forces that a doctor (CEO) openly
fired at Muslims. At other places of Jammu,
Hindu brandished tridents and swords and threatened Muslims’ life and honor. As
if this was not enough, Special Investigation Team (SIT) of JK police investigating
the Kishtwar “communal clash” said that it won’t investigate the role of VDC’s
in the clashes. This selective approach by the administration was expected as
we remember Omer-led NC-Congress coalition has already given clean chit to VDCs
and the repeated pleas of the people and civil society for disbanding of this
armed gang has fallen on deaf ears. The biased approach of the police is much pronounced:
around 14 youths have been arrested, 12 of them from Muslim majority community.
Strangely the Personal Security Officer (PSO) of BJP leader who triggered the
communal frenzy ‘has not been booked under any offence whereas most of the
detained  Muslims have been booked for
arson, even as their families plead for their innocence’ (GK August 25, 2013).
       This approach of state government,
administration and police deepens the impressions that whereas Jammu Hindus are
treated by State India as citizens, Kashmiri Muslims are mere Subjects as they
were during Dogra raj. Even their position today is much worse.