For Kashmir solution, Mirwaiz instead should use Ukraine crises

Letter to the Editor Kashmir Watch

Sub:- Mirwaiz should use Ukraine crises, about Unified-J&K either with India or with Pakistan or independent

Dear Sir

This refers to an open letter of April, 9 of Hurriyat Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq published in one of the English leading newspaper of India (The Hindu) as an appeal to Indian voters to take gory J&K issue seriously and responsibly, while voting in current Parliamentary elections.

Whereas in this open letter Mirwaiz has rightly emphasized the need for early solution to Kashmir problem (which has already claimed the lives, as per media reports, of about one hundred thousand people and still causing immense and avoidable human right violations), Mirwaiz has been un-pragmatic (while relying on so-called serious, result-oriented and time-bound process of dialogue between the leadership of India and Pakistan, and of J&K) and instead Mirwaiz should adopt different approach, as explained below, if Mirwaiz is really serious about Kashmir solution:-

Mirwaiz should be clear about and do the eight things:-

(1)- Kashmir unification is the only solution for Kashmir problem

(2)- India can have military approach to Kashmir solution only when India tries to take ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’ (POK) militarily. But India, being maritally deficient country, can not have such ‘military approach’ (though so alleged by Mirwaiz) to Kashmir solution. Huge purchase of arms recently by India is to benefit the suppliers and mostly even purchasers in many ways (especially influential officers and politicians involved in arms purchases)

(3)- Pakistan bravely tried militarily to unify Kashmir in 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc but failed due to India being about six times of Pakistan. Whereas India never tried so, being martially deficient country (and now even taking the excuse of both India and Pakistan having nuclear weapons hence, as per India, there can be no military solution of Kashmir problem).

(4)- Territory of any country is decided by military or rather by blood and lives of belligerents. Therefore Pakistan has better claim on J&K as it has sacrificed about one hundred thousand Muslims (rightly so because religion was the basis on which Pakistan forced India’s partition) for J&K in contrast to India, which never tried to take POK in a pro-active military action (because so called secular India does not want to shed the blood and lay-down the lives of Hindus for Muslim POK).

(5)- In present world, in view of Ukraine Crises (about self-determination and merger of Crimea with Russia), Mirwaiz should endeavor to launch formally (with registration etc in USA, as per ‘Lobbying Discloser Act 1995’ and other related US Laws) the lobbying with US Congress and US Government etc regarding self-determination by J&K.

(6)- USA will certainly help J&K (especially due to India’s irresponsible and self-defeating non-support to USA on Crimea issue at recent UN voting. ) and will try to evolve a solution which will be helpful in finding a mechanism at UN for addressing such problems in many countries of the world.

(7)- After initiating formal lobbying in USA, the UN should be moved by Mirwaiz to decide the issue of self-determination of J&K.

(8)- Only such lobbying with USA and moving the UN about self-determination of J&K [and not weeping before Indian voters, which is nothing but ‘Bhains ke age been bajana’ (Playing clarinet before buffalo)] will wake-up and constrain martially deficient and thoroughly communalized India to be serious about territorial, political and human rights issues of J&K.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

67, Heath Ct, Pennington, NJ – 08534, USA



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