Forces callously spilling blood of innocents: JRL

Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday said the government forces were callously spilling the blood of innocents in Kashmir.
“Oppression unleashed against Kashmiris in the name of crackdowns, killings, NIA, ED, spree of arrests and other oppressive measures will yield India nothing but failure,” JRL said in a statement.
JRL leaders strongly condemned the “ongoing oppression” in Kashmir.

The leadership termed the ongoing “bloodbath”, spree of arrests, crackdowns, beating and humiliating common people, using NIA, ED and other agencies to intimidate and suppress peaceful political resistance as “callous, undemocratic and worst form of oppression”.

They said the “ongoing slaughter of Kashmiris by trigger-happy Indian forces”, crackdown during which common people without discrimination of age and gender are beaten, tortured and humiliated especially in southern districts of Kashmir, vandalizing, blasting and burning of private properties, spree of arrests and fresh use of NIA, ED and other agencies to intimidate and suppress peaceful resistance are all manifestation of anti-democratic and “colonial behavior of Indian rulers” who through these harsh measures intend to defeat “Kashmiri resistance”.

JRL said after mass uprising of 2016, “Indian leadership with the active support of its local supporters and biased media” launched a vicious maligning campaign against resistance leadership and used NIA and ED to suppress it but all their efforts failed to defeat the valour of Kashmiris who refused to surrender before the might.

“Now once again NIA and ED intimidation has been started and a fresh FIR by NIA has been filed against ailing Syeda Asiya Andrabi who is already in jail since many months. This is nothing but a frustrated effort to defeat Kashmiri resistance and it will yield nothing but another failure to the oppressors,” JRL said.

Asking international community to intervene and stop “Indian aggression” on Kashmiris, JRL said recently an inspiring report was released by UN Human Rights Commission regarding human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir.
“We want to urge UN Human Rights Council that is in session these days to intervene and stop ongoing genocide of Kashmiris by Indian forces and other oppressive measures employed by it to suppress peaceful resistance of Kashmiris. Kashmiris are facing the wrath of colonial India from last seventy plus years during which every harsh measure and every evil tactic has been used to legitimize suppressing of our voices,” they said.

JRL said Kashmiris were being killed, maimed, jailed, tortured, humiliated and denied their birth “right of freedom and right to self-determination”.

They said it was important for the UN to take concrete steps and help Kashmiris realize their right to self-determination.
Meanwhile, JRL leaders and activists staged a peaceful protest at Lal Chowk against growing crackdowns, killings, arrests and repeated use of NIA, ED and other agencies to intimidate and harass Kashmiris.
Leaders and activists from JRL gathered at Abi Guzar and marched toward Lal Chowk.
Raising slogans against “atrocities” and “oppression” unleashed allegedly by Indian Army, forces, police ad SOG across the valley especially in southern districts of Kashmir, repeated use of NIA, ED and other agencies to intimidate peaceful political leaders and activist, damaging civilian properties, beating, torturing, arresting and humiliating common people and inflicting more and more harm to Kashmiri prisoners in jails of India and Jammu Kashmir, the protesters staged a peaceful sit-in that was addressed by JRL leaders Bashir Ahmad Butt, Ghulam Nabi Zaki and Hakim Abdul Rashid.
JRL leaders including Molvi Bashir Ahmad Irfani, Sowkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Mushatq Ajmal, Ghulam Rasool Dar Eidi, Umar Adil Dar, Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Muhammad Yasin Butt, Muhammad Salim Zargar, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Rameez Raja, Farooq Ahmad Sodagar, Muhammad Sideeq Shah, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah, Bashir Ahmad Boya, Nisar Hussain Rather, Sahil Ahmad War, Jaffar Kashmiri, Ghulam Nabi Najar, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Imran Ahmad, Ishfaq Ahmad, Ashraf bin Salam ,Meraj Ud Din Parray, Ghulam Muhammad Dar, Muhammad Ramzan Sofi and others participated in the protest.