‘Futility of the path’ Chidambaram again in ‘unique’ style.

    P Chidambaram   is gentleman par excellence. The Hardward graduate figures top in the council of ministers in the United Progressive Alliance government. Soft spoken former Union Home Minister of Indian and currently holding finance portfolio was recently in Srinagar. He was Chief Guest at the Jammu Kashmir Bank platinum jubilee celebration, October Ist, 2013.

              Talking to reporters the politician gifted with the impressive eloquence ‘complimented’ the people of Kashmir for having ‘realized the futility of the path’ they had ‘mistakenly’ pursued in 2010 mass upheaval. To reiterate Indian obstinacy Indian leader stressed that Kashmir dispute has to be resolved ‘within the ambit of Indian constitution’.

               From 2008 to 2009 and to 2010 Kashmir witnessed transition to peaceful mode of protest, guaranteed under the sanctified provisions of Indian constitution and United Nations Charter. Not a single instance can be pointed where gun-totting militants appeared on the scene and thus “provoked” the Indian ‘security forces’ to fire indiscriminately on civilians. Nearly three hundred innocent people, mostly youth, were killed by Indian forces and police on the streets of Kashmir. None among the killed was a militant. The use of force was so much disproportionate that not a single solider or police cop lost his life or received crippling injuries. That speaks hollowness about the propaganda of ‘agitational terrorism’_ a ridiculous expression coined by Indian army to justify killing of unarmed civilians and “lethal weaponry” the people of Kashmir stockpiled in their arsenals.

              The 2010 mass mobilization, second Intifadah   after 2008, trashed Indian claim on Kashmir. Upsurge of Aazadi sentiments scripted its own verdict and embarrassed Indians. New Delhi brutally suppressed people and created graveyard silence. The soft-spoken gentleman ensured that not a single dissenting voice should emerge from Kashmir. The puppet Omer regime religiously followed Chidambaram’s directives. PSAs were slapped even against school going kids and pro-movement activists were curbed to a naught. The algebra of infinite justice saw to it that not a single voice should challenge India on the streets. Thus if there is Kashmir blanketed in silence which Indians call stability and the lull Chidambaram  defines as  ‘futility of the path’, it is because Delhi Darbar have choked all expression outlets. Gunning people to subjugation suits imperialists not those swearing by democratic credentials. Chidambaram resorting to first prescription as Home Minister of India revealed his priorities.

                  His appointing three interlocutors was in consonance with Delhi old game plan, to buy time, dupe people and in  the end back out from  any  commitment they made. Indians followed it right from the time of accession and in accepting Security Council resolutions. They are not ashamed of pissing at promises they pledged.

           Chidambaram expressed displeasure that some of the initiatives (like interlocutor’s report and Rangarajan commission’s recommendation) were not taken to its logical conclusion.  It seems the case of pot blaming the cattle. Afterall Chidambaram was full-fledged Home Minister when these ‘initiatives’ were taken and then dumped in cold storage before he took over charge of finance ministry. He did nothing to implement them.

           Chidambaram’s praise for Omar-led government, of which Congress is a partner, is quite understandable. The ‘remarkable work’ he patted Omar for is reflective of his (Omer’s) unquestionable and unqualified surrender to New Delhi’s dictates. That ensured his stay in power. The bullet for stone approach and denying political space and religious freedom to pro-freedom forces earned Omar the goodwill of Chidambaram.

                                                (To be continued……..)