‘Futility of the path’ – II

Kashmiris living under the shadow of gun should not be construed they have reconciled to their fate. It is a lull before the storm. Let Delhi remove the curbs it has put on the peaceful activities of pro-movement forces, world will witness ‘futility of path’ Kashmiris have embarked on.

            The brutalization Indians resorted to should have made them apologetic and regrettable given their belief in democracy. Instead, Chidambaram is bragging in quelling the Intifadah through sheer military force. That shows how in the garb of democratic robes, Chidambaram is speaking in the language of a despot, a neo-colonist. In the post decolonialized world, India holds a distinguished character of depriving 13 million people from fundamental right of freedom and is treating Kashmiris nothing better than a subjugated nation. That is why when 120 youths are killed in cold blood in 2010 uprising, not a single army or paramilitary soldier or police cop is held accountable. In contrary to it, they are morale boasted through draconian legislations like Armed Forces Special Powers Act and a string of other black laws, which intoxicates the forces personnel to kill and maim, rape and torture, harass and brutalize the civilian population the way they like. From the killing fields of Kashmir, Pir Panjal region and Chenab valley you cannot find a single example where a murderer in olive green or Khaki has been punished. In fact, courts have been emasculated from prosecuting such guilty personnel.

            Nothing is more absurd than New Delhi’s insistence ion ‘within ambit of Indian constitution’ solution of Kashmir. It is tantamount of saying that since we are occupying the territory, the obstinate approach of occupying power have to prevail. And all cannons of justice have to be subservient to the intoxicated power. Not only this approach of New Delhi is violative of its plebiscite pledge it made with Kashmiris at the time of accession and various Security Council resolutions the world body passed and India accepted, the unabated struggle of Kashmiris for right to self determination and the thousands of people they sacrificed for the right cause so far is a living testimony that they are never going to accept the India’s rhetoric on Kashmir.

            As is wont with Indians, in the thick of matter when situation seems slipping out off their control they offer talks, send delegations and dig in interlocutions. Judge the reconciliating approach of this Harvard graduate when he in 2010 called Kashmir a ‘unique problem that needs a unique solution’ with the macho posturing demeanor he at now is paddling arrogantly. He has forgotten that despite so called elected representatives who are providing the political face to the military rule and Sadbhavnas Kashmiris are becoming more and more articulate and expressive in their demand for RSD. The suppression of Kashmiris by military and collaboration of Darbar’s Cronies have made them silent for a while, but they have not given up. India will always have to undergo the aftershocks of this manipulated graveyard silence till it gives up its rigidity. The entire new generation is up against Indian hegemony.