Geostrategic Imperatives of Kashmir for Pakistan

May 10, 2014
There are many dimensions which prove that nothing has changed about Kashmir issue. Nothing has changed in legal framework, and at social platform. At political level something wavering but there is one voice which did not waver that is Kashmiris’ resolve. Diplomatically bilateralism has died its own death because bilateral progress was continuously defied by Kashmiris. Without involvement of Kashmiris any formula for resolution of Kashmir will not workout.
There are four major parties for the resolution of Kashmir issue, Pakistan, India, Kashmiris and UN. Demographically there is no change, Kashmir and Kashmiris remain aligned to Pakistan. Kashmiris in Azad Jammu & Kashmir have merged themselves with Pakistan, culturally, socially, ideologically, spiritually and merged with Pakistan’s concept. Social dimension has proved the Kashmiris are connected to Pakistan. They have proved it on different forums whether it is the occasion of India-Pakistan cricket match or any other occasion. 

There are great indicators that pleasant change is in the Indians mind, whether they are saying it openly or not, it is taking place. In the Indian think tanks and some of the intellectuals and those practitioners who are dealing with it firsthand are accepting that this is not controllable, digestible, and containable and it has to be dealt with upfront and Kashmiris cannot be set aside. The present army chief showed similar feelings of having lost it but cannot admit. Lesson for us is that resolve must stay on if we feel that geostrategic imperatives of Kashmir lie with Pakistan. If resolve in this dimension is wavering, political compromises, other diplomatic compulsions will affect Pakistan’s moral, legal and justified situation in the heart of Kashmiris. 

The international opinion on Kashmir is shaping up. Diplomatically there are other dimensions that are attracting international attention to this part of world but international community understands that without Pakistan, addressing voice of Kashmiris and India making a compromise, there will never be a peace.

My conclusion says geostrategic imperatives of Kashmir are linked to peace. Changing dynamics are bringing new hopes and new relevance and more relevance to the geostrategic imperatives to Pakistan. –