Getting swallowed in the coalition black-hole

and they have no pang of guilt. They have become the willing tools in the hands of the bullying partner which has had a right diagnosis of the throbbing ‘pain’ that has made them restless. A few drags of power, they have forgotten everything, constituency, promises, people and the land. Making frolics they ‘think’ they are ‘ mandated’ to and this ‘ representation’ the Durbar has fully pampered and patronized. A little fear of losing the ‘puff’ they go on the rampage. Everything valuable and precious in our homes suddenly stares at us with a thief written on it. How much hard we strive to put our valuables under safer locks, our own ‘sons of the soil’ dig them out and ‘sell’ them as junk item. For their ethereal bliss, they have themselves collaborated in pulling down all the constitutional dykes. It never occurred to the addicted bunch of politicians that the flood gates will drown them too. Obsessed to the wild passion of jo dam niklay, so wah wah (let me wrench out maximum from my position of power), we have been witnessing how all these ‘elected representatives’ have atrophied State of J&K off its sovereign status. But PDP has scripted a new history. Not only it has brazenly capitulated to lure of power—common denominator from Abdullah to Mufti Sayeed. The ghost of communalism and belligerent nationalism is advancing towards us menacingly, courtesy PDP.

In the rest of states the BJP or any other ‘nationalist ‘ party might be seen as just political party, in Kashmir, however, their political appeal is always blended in deceit and arrogance, identifiable with imperialism. The hell Kashmir has been turned into is because of this approach and mentality. Till late nineties Indians would swear by its secular credentials and denounce fanaticism in all forms. New Delhi would deride Pakistan’s ‘theocracy’—though from its birth to this day no religious party has ruled Pakistan. BJP’s ascendance to power in Delhi and in many of the States has severely dented the secular image of India. The Akhlaq’s mob lynching, ban on cow slaughter, chanting Vande Mataram, imposing Surya Namaskar and Yoga in schools and attempts to impose uniform civil code, Ghar Wapsi, all such happenings create a dread communal forces are dead set to change India into a monolithic, monocultural and monoreligious entity where lord Manu and his ‘law book’ would hold pre-eminence.

PDP entered in alliance with the BJP much aware of its unalterable strands of religious fanaticism and its Israel-like belligerence on Kashmir. PDP hopped with joy when in October 2008 it published at Srinagar party’s document entitled ‘ Jammu and Kashmir: The Self Rule Framework for Resolution.’ The document demanded roll back of all those central laws and amendments that were applied on Kashmir and which heavily dented autonomy. It talked of reverting to the 1947 days when Kashmir acceded to India surrendering only three subjects. Its 2014 election manifesto boasted of ‘An Aspirational Agenda’ that contained the solemn promise: ‘ Use Article 370 itself to restore the original special status of the status.’ But impatience for power unveiled the real monster the party has masked on different colorful names. Realizing that the opportunity is not sniffed at, it courted the party it sought the vote against. The March 2015 ‘ Agenda of Alliance’, apart from recognizing ‘ the different positions’ of the allying parties, went to ‘ appreciating the perceptions the BJP and PDP have on constitutional status of J&K.’ Consolidating the bind, it added ‘ Considering the political and legislative realities, the present position will be maintained on the Constitutional provisions pertaining to J&K.’ In other words PDP puts a stamp on the status quo, in line with the ‘constitutional and legislative realities’.
From the first day of wedlock, the fabrics and design of the drawing room curtains, the setting of the furniture and choice of the flowers did convey the ‘masculinity’ of the BJP. As the PDP sank in comfort zone, completely cut off from home constituency, BJP remained focused on its nefarious agenda., be it settling erstwhile WPRs (Sharnarthese), setting up separate enclaves for Pandits, building sainik colonies, constructing homes for ‘floating population’(non-state resident laborers), domicile certificates, SARFAECI Act or observing birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh as state holiday. In all these cases PDP played the villain.( It is another matter the stiff resistance from people has unnerved the Mehbooba-led dispensation to carry on with its dubious intentions.
In Kashmir slapping PSAs on civilians, including octogenarian political leaders and activists and teen agers has become routine. Unlike this , in Jammu FIRs on 22 arrested Hindus involved in riots got cancelled within 48 hours. That is how BJP dominates in governance.

Mehbooba, in defence of killer cops who used pellets and bullets and tear shells to quell the recent uprising slammed youth for attacks on forces camps and police stations. But refused inquiry through a judicial probe. She preferred making the accused pronounce the judgment.
We are heading to a dangerous precipice. Witness how the remarks of head of the government are expunged from the assembly records. Mehbooba has not violated any law when she had said in the assembly ‘nothing can be more anti- national than talking of abrogating Article 370’. But amazingly PDP gulped down in one breath the shock and humiliation in silence. Not only that, it in league with BJP celebrated assembly getting suspended in sine die, 7 days before schedule. All are watching your deceptive politics.
The horrible way hunger for power has gripped PDP, tomorrow if Kashmir is rechristened as Kashapmer, in honor of Kahapreshi, and there is a call for Ghar Wapsi—we shouldn’t be surprised.