Ghettoization of Kashmiris

Silence is said to an effective form of communication. However, in the case of the Kashmiris, it depicts apathy of the world, the inaction of the Islamic Ummah and muted reaction from Pakistan.

At the first anniversary of the promulgation of article 370, the miseries of the Kashmiris continue today. The Indians are planning to celebrate the day by its Prime Minister-Modi laying the stone of a Hindu temple at the site of Babri Masjid. Should this day be celebrated or mourned? Of course, it appears to be a goal achieved by the current Indian Govt. but at the cost of Ghettoing of the Kashmiris. Although, Hitler decided to incarcerate the Jews in Germany but the sacrifices of the Jews didn’t go in vain and paved the way for the creation of Israel. Why the world is allowing this to India and what India wants to achieve by the plight of Kashmiris and what will it bring for the Kashmiris in particular and the Indian Muslims in general?

Currently, the Kashmiris feel helpless. They have no voice of their own. They have been gagged by the Indian Govt. while the world is silent. Hitler did the same thing with the Jews of Germany. Hitler has his own antisemitic ideology the same as that of Mr. Modi. The Nazis developed ghettos to segregate and control Jews. Historically, ghettos had been used to segregate Jewish communities from the rest of the population across Europe. The ghetto system began in Renaissance Italy in July 1555 with Pope Paul IV’s issuing of the Cum nimis absurdum. This was a papal bull issued by Pope Paul IV dated 14 July 1555. It takes its name from its first words:[1] “Since it is absurd and utterly inconvenient that the Jews, who through their own fault were condemned by God to eternal slavery…”

The bull revoked all the rights of the Jewish community and placed religious and economic restrictions on Jews in the Papal States, renewed anti-Jewish legislation and subjected Jews to various degradations and restrictions on their personal freedom.

The bull established the Roman Ghetto and required the Jews of Rome, who had existed as a community since before Christian times, to live in it. The Ghetto was a walled quarter with three gates that were locked at night. Under the bull, Jewish males were required to wear a pointed yellow hat, and Jewish females a yellow kerchief. Jews were required to attend compulsory Catholic sermons on the Jewish Shabbat. The bull also subjected Jews to various other restrictions such as a prohibition on property ownership and practising medicine among Christians. Jews were allowed to practice only unskilled jobs, as rag men, second-hand dealers, or fishmongers. They could also be pawnbrokers. The Papal States ceased to exist on 20 September 1870 when they were incorporated in the Kingdom of Italy, but the requirement that Jews live in the ghetto was only formally abolished by the Italian state in 1882.

The Nazi leadership:[2], Wehrmacht soldiers, Einsatzgruppen, SS, SD and various local authorities across Poland built on and adapted this historic idea. The Nazis also introduced ghettos due to their false theories that Jews spread diseases and therefore should be segregated to protect the rest of the population. This was in line with their racist and eugenic beliefs. There were three types of ghettos:

“Open ghettos” which had no fences or walls around their perimeter. Despite this, there were still restrictions against who could enter or leave, when, and how often.

“Closed or Sealed Ghettos, surrounded by brick walls, fences or barbed wire stretched between posts. Jews were not allowed to live in any other area under the threat of capital punishment. In the closed ghettos the living conditions were the worst. The quarters were extremely crowded and unsanitary. Starvation, chronic shortages of food, lack of heat in winter and inadequate municipal services led to frequent outbreaks of epidemics leading to a high mortality rate.

“Destruction or extermination ghettos existed in the final stages of the Holocaust, for between two and six weeks only. They were tightly sealed off. The Jewish population was imprisoned in them only to be deported or taken out of town and shot by the German killing squads

It appears that History is repeating itself. First, it was the ghettoization of the Palestinians by the Israelis, who themselves had gone through the same phase by the hands of Christians and Nazis. The deal of century would have further reduced the autonomy of the Palestinians; however, it has been delayed. Still, the future of Palestinians and their homeland still bleak.

The current Indian Govt. having learned from the Nazis and the Israelis are bent towards marginalizing Indian Muslims, making them from “Citizens to Outcasts”. It took the step of the abrogation of article 370 last year and entrapped the Kashmiris in ghettos. Although, it is unclear about the types of existing ghettos but it appears that all the three types exist in some form or another.

At the anniversary of the abrogation of article 370 and the laying of the foundation of stone of Hindu temple at the site of Babri Masjid, shows the mind-set of the Indian Govt. This is further reinforced by the anti-Muslim citizenship law amendments passed earlier by the Indian parliament in December 2019. Thus, the Indian Muslims may be left out from the National Population Registry plan. By committing atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir it intends to reshape the demographics of Kashmir from a Muslim dominant to Hindu domination.

All the steps of current Indian Govt. lead us to believe that a new India is being born with an extremist ideology, the real “HINDUSTAN”. The gross “Human Rights Violations” in Kashmir and throughout India against the Muslims is evident to the world through the media. However, while the world has overlooked them, it is the responsibility of the Muslim nations to take steps towards redesigning their priorities putting those of Ummah on top. The Muslim nations should reconsider their economic interests with India, thus putting adequate pressure to rescue the plight of the Kashmiris in particular and those of Indian Muslims in general. The Organization of the Islamic Conference should play its vital role in taking adequate steps towards formulating a joint Muslim strategy to deal with the issue.

The sacrifices of the Kashmiris in Indian ghettos and the atrocities committed by the Indians on the Muslims will be rewarded in some form or other. The Kashmiris and the Indian Muslims have always look towards Pakistan as their saviour. Will Pakistan be able to play any proactive role for their Kashmiri brothers and break the current impasse, before the Indians take any measures in the Azad Kashmir? Or is the world going to witness another Mohammad Bin Qasim al-Thaqafi or a Chinese Commander or a combination, coming to rescue the plight of the Kashmiris in ghettos?